Mantra-Sadhana. 100K reps-then attract anyone
I confirmed this mantra exists,having a real ancient tradition. Basically it says (its a medium-length mantra)chant it 100 thousands times,then you can chant it 11 times and attract anyone in the world.
Would this give results,in a rather literal way? If I put my mind into it, I think I can achieve it before new year’s day!
(if anyone’s wondering, I want to attract Billie Eilish.I love her music,and she’s so awesome and also very beatiful. )

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As a researcher in mantras this is different than you think.

I wouldn’t put much stock into something like this.


100k reps is too much

With celebrities the difficulty is that other people have the same desire. An user here once told about an experience of eventual success after some time, though.