Mantra Meaning


has anyone heard of this mantra that says something like this? " Shadema prosikna musorf dorima"?

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“Take me away from my domain” is a rough translation of it.


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@anon90630295 heyy thank you soo so much🙏 i think the rest of it was something like kurana paros mre sineromo.

do you in which language it is and what it would be used for?

It is one of the many astral languages. It has hints of Latin, and Germanic incorporated into it.


The subconscious, which is the part of you that does he magickal work, doesn’t speak in language, it speaks in symbols.

So there are two purposes for language magickally, to provide vibrations that change energy, and to provide symbolic meaning.

If you’re not relying on the vibrations part, then you’re better off speaking in your native language, because your mind should automatically know what that means and pass the images and meaning to your subconscious. Otherwise you have have to put more effort into holding the intention.

It doesn’t really matter what fancy astral language you have, if it’s not bringing anything vibrationally, and I would suspect this one isn’t, then don’t waste your time on it. Chant it a few times and see how you feel to find out if it’s got energetic potential, though, if you’re not sensitive to energy you might not notice anyway.
Learning energy working is a foundational practice for this reason.

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Is symbolic the same as emotional understanding? Like how you can learn something I school for years but not really deeply understand it until you apply it?

I wouldn’t say so, there’s lots of images and symbols that don’t make sense to the emotional intelligence or the conscious mind.

Maybe symbolic meaning is related to emotional meaning, but understanding and meaning aren’t the same thing.

This is where the conscious mind can get in the way. If you get an impression of something red, and smooth and having roundness, it might want to go “oh, oh, I know! It’s a ball!” But there are many things that fit that description from site contact with real blood cells to that being how you feel about your looming bills, say.

Imagine getting a view if a blood cell before microscopes were invented. That person has no knowledge or words to explain what they saw at all. You can interpret accurately if you have experience of the thing, but it’s hard.

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So you’re saying that regardless of if you understand something it still works magically? I think i get it now, I have no clue how to make the majority of sigils, I just don’t understand how the name can turn into the symbol but it still connects me to the idea and energy is the spirit I’m trying to contact. Is that what you mean?

In that case I assume finding what works is a combination of building a solid knowledge base and then trial and error? I guess I knew that, I just thought that I had to comprehend every little thing to become a better mage. Maybe that’s part of why learning anything other than law has been so difficult for me? I tried to treat it like science and understand the reason why every part came together but it sounds like that’s more counterproductive than anything?

Have you heard the mantra “i-an dath-lah”?

I am not 100% one this one, but it might be “Of the flower”. It seems to be Hindu based form the pronunciation.


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