Mantra from azazel

I received what I think is a mantra .i was thinking of Azazel and then I heard : « ENFLAME NEGRA LUX »

Pronounced « en-flah-meh, ne-grah- loo-x”

Basically means “enflame the dark light , or light the dark light “

let me know what effect it is having on you. I felt an immediate presence or surge of energy.


Nice mantra…

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Thanks. How’s it working for you?

Looks very useful and I plan on giving it a whirl this evening. Thanks for sharing!

It works, powerful


Great let me know . I got mixed reviews , some say it doesn’t work and others swear by it

I did a few recitations just now. My body got warm like an energetic wave washed over me from head to toe. I felt strong energy surging through me with a slight buzzing/tingling sensation. Very nice! :+1::grinning: still feeling the effects. Awesome!

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It works

I’ve seen you post this mantra in lots of different places and I’ve had massive headache since reading it. It seems like I was meant to read it.

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My philosophy is ; knowledge is useless If kept to myself so spread it.

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