Mantra for Glowing Face and Attractive Face

Mantra is:
oṃ saundarye saundarya pradāya siddhima dehi namaḥ

Chant 108 times for 21 days,u will see change in ur face beauty


Which deity does this mantra invoke?

Did you try it? Friends of yours too?

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Saundarya Devi


Yup,i gave this mantra to my female friend,she had pimples on her face and after chanting for 21 says, her pimples got reduced and her face started glowing.

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Yeah, i started like getting under the skin pimples kind of recently. I know it’s hormonal acne. I am not sure if it’s the fact I’m off some anxiety medication. The medication made my skin a little drier or if it’s the baneful magic and it’s bad juju.
I only ever get those little white heads if i don’t wash my face from wearing makeup or using older facemasks.

I’m definitely willing to try this and give an update in two weeks.

I know very little sanskrit, at least the roots of it sound similar to indian dravidian languages.
saundarye - seems to sound like pretty person or girl.

Pradaya - sounds something to do with pray

If anyone else knowledgeable can pick it apart, i would love it haha.


Buddhist right?

I wonder, is it an illusion or does it actually work on your face?

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Roughly the mantra could be translated as:

Om = Pranav or starting of the mantra, it’s there for stabilising the energy of the mantra.
Saundarya= calling the goddess of the mantra beautiful, invoking the goddess who is beautiful.
(A deity is invoked or called by his attributes depends on what you want from him/her.)
Saundarya pradaya= asking her to give saundarya or beauty to you.
Siddhim dehi = give me the siddhi of beauty.
Namah= i am bowing or am praying.

So I’m short invoking the goddess to give you Beauty.


Did u see any results with the mantra…

My skin feels the same, which is good. I haven’t been consistently saying it daily though.

For women only?