Mantra Against Vampires

Mantra Against vampiric forces?

@Sheogorath Stendarr or Meridia… Meridia rewards those who punish undead… but Stendarr has a cult that hunts daedra… hmmm


Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is one of the most commonly used rituals in modern occultism (RHP) for all sorts of protection.

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Meridia all the way


Why mantra?

If they are actual empirical entities… Fire, sunlight, and silver. If they are astral vampires of some kind with near physical bodies… Cut the head off with a silver knife then burn the head and torso separately… Vampire like spirits, you’re going to want to invoke ya boi Utu. Sumerian god of the sun.

Become I’m good at mantras

From the same tradition - AUGMN, also very universal.

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How to pronounce it?

Sounds a little bit strange, but actually the same way as it is spelt. AAAUUUG-MMM-NNN, sounds like OM mantra, deep vibration.

Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos, also commonly used in the western occultism for general protection.
Should be said as an order.

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