Currently there’s a situation in my life that requires me to manipulate and get someone else to do by bidding but I’m not clear about one part, let’s say if I need to manipulate person X to do 2 things since she is in charge of those tasks, do I evoke a separate entity for each task to affect the same person? I adhere to the one ritual, one purpose rule and it has been successful so far.

That’s an interesting question, if you’re good at evocation it might be a good idea to work with Paimon since influencing people is his forte as far as I know, and get information directly from him. Hope that helps.

Have you thought about evoking a spirit that teaches rhetoric? If you work with a tutelary spirit that teaches you how to be more persuasive with people you won’t need to evoke a spirit every time this problem arises.

Sure many spirits can influence what people think or how they handle certain situations but wouldn’t it be better to learn how to cut out the middle man in situations like this? Goetic spirits are great for this…They teach us how to become the best possible versions of ourselves in this life. That’s just my two cents because I feel like it’s better to learn something lasting that you can apply to your day to day life instead of having to fall back on evocation every time this problem comes up. Believe me, managing the mundane isn’t easy but it gets easier when you ask these guides the right questions.

Thanks for the advice c.j Lee, especially with ‘cutting out the middleman’ part.
I didn’t think about rhetoric in terms of manipulation.

[quote=“Pazuzu, post:4, topic:5601”]Thanks for the advice c.j Lee, especially with ‘cutting out the middleman’ part.
I didn’t think about rhetoric in terms of manipulation.[/quote]

Really,have you ever heard a politician talk? :stuck_out_tongue:

Try Paimon.Again,he teaches all arts and sciences on top of mind manipulation on a supernatural level.He can teach you this.

I also suggest Djehuty and Ronove,as they’ve been the most productive in teaching me how to become more influencial and persuasive to others.Also,look into mesmerism.Maybe even mundane,covert,hypnosis.That’s what I’m trying to master at the moment.Hypnosis in general.It’s something I’ve been wanting to do since I was ten and it’s something I am going to do.

But yeah,Mesmerism is more supernaturalized hypnosis.

I’m aware that rhetoric is persuasive speech and it’s a subtle but effective form of manipulation, it’s just that it didn’t ring a bell to me at the start.

King Paimon

Pretty blunt response, but I agree with Raven.