Manipulating the weather?

I need to manipulate the weather for a day or two. It’s gonna rain and possibly storm the next two days and I need to swap this transmission in my truck and I can’t do that if the weather is bad.

Drawing a blank for spirits who manipulate the weather, I’d guess demons who are elementals ? Especially of water ?

Is there a way to do it via energy manipulation ? What I mean by that is focus on sucking in the energy of the strom and sending it somewhere else ?


See “Taoist Weather Magick” thread, the chap has a lot of good info on it


Summon Pazuzu. Or will it into being yourself if you can.

You can also do a ritual to apease and ask a storm deity to delay the storm.

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My forte’. Send negative ions to the storm. It’s more complicated than that, but you CAN redirect or diminish clouds. But you BETTER bulk up on starches beforehand…it can deplete you.

Speaking of weather, East coast US is going to be hammered with rain by the several feet…so…you all might think about focus on that storm for practice. It’s mighty mighty.

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Its a goetia spirt, who control weather. U must chant for 3 days his namw and give incense offering for 3 days

Go here, I made a ritual. Simple.