Manipulating the Physical Realm

What if we were to merge our astral and physical bodies to create the intra-body would we then be able to better control our reality seeing that part of our being resides on two different planes in other words this would be uniting the subconscious and conscious mind

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Um…our astral body is already merged with our physical body. That’s why we have to separate it in order to project into the astral.

Also, we already exist on multiple planes. It is only that our perception of the totality of our existence is limited to the physical.


Is there a way to change that? To have our perception at different planes at the same time.

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Hard work, meditation, and practice. There’s no easy way to get things, you have to put the effort forth.



Gain full control over your Muladhara chakra, which is the door to all perception.

And work with entities like Tah’ka’yat, from the Book of Azazel, whose perception exists on multiple planes (or, in his case, outside of Time).


Interesting, gonna do some research on this matter. Thank you @DarkestKnight

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