Manipulating parents thoughts

Wrong. Well, sort of. It’s not a new concept to this forum. As for underage, I’ve been here when that rule was applied. This person may not even count as a minor. Not only that, but they cancelled that rule too. You can’t stop them from casting spells and you certainly can’t stop their Access from here.

It’s not even our business. it’s theirs.

How one reacts is up to the individual.

They don’t need to, don’t want to.

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I also see it as this: facts, not opinions.

Above all, if one doesn’t know specific information, who are they to just assume these things?

No, dude, I get it. Your cultural ideologies may be different from mine but teenagers are the same the world over, so it’s really nothing new. It’s psychology. Teenagers always want freedom from the restrictions of their parents, but at the same time they want to hang onto the apron strings. Do you seriously think you are the first teenager to hide a relationship from over protective or concerned parents because they disapprove? Or whose parents poke their noses into everything you do? That is almost a rite of passage for a teenager.

But it is all good. Demons can help and a bunch of them have already been suggested in this thread. However, keep in mind that it is only a temporary fix and eventually they will reassert themselves and you will be back to square one. That is why, if freedom is what you are after, I suggested a job and moving out. If all you wanted were the names of a few demons, that could have been easily achieved by a simple search of the forum.

One thing to consider, especially coming from an adult’s point of view like mine, is the fact that teenagers are known to over exaggerate situations. Just ask any parent. Temporary situations are often seen as life and death crises. Teenage girls murder their parents over the fickle affections of a boy disapproved of all because of this mindset, so it’s not “jumping to conclusions.” It is understanding the basic psychology of a situation based on what limited information was provided.


No their not. Are you the same as the person down the street?

Behavioral psychology says otherwise. We all like to think each of us is a special little snowflake, but when it comes to the way we act, we really are all the same.

That’s why psychology is really good at predicting behavior.

I disagree but whatever floats your boat.

That’s very true.
This forum is very different from other places and I’m happy about that honestly. Plenty of other places have these mindsets I mention; I’ve just seen them often before.
I’m glad the Minor rule got lifted, some places consider 14 to be a minor and others are adults at that age so it’s all subjective :slight_smile: )

One thing that is on fb groups I’ve been in is the whole “I’m not helping in the dark”. So many get scared of being tied to a working that doesn’t go with their moral code. (I wouldn’t say that happens here, which is nice).

Because he doesn’t want to put out details this is why I suggest he dig more here. This way he can find what suits him best in a comfortable way for him.

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Of course you do, and that’s perfectly fine.

But you’re also a teenager and I’ve got over twenty years of life experience on you plus a degree in psychology. I am entitled to have an opinion you disagree with.


First off I could care less if you’re an adult. Age means nothing to me. You all die the same. Secondly, did I say you’re not entitled to such things?

Nope, but your attitude was quite dismissive of an opinion that didn’t agree with yours. The above quote is the equivalent of slapping me with the standard, “whatever.”

Once again, could care less.

Good, I’m glad you don’t care, but by repeating it you are just proving my point about teenage behavior.

I have stated my opinion to the OP. He can do with it as he wills.

Take what helps, discard the rest, right?

Sure, just like you cherry picking pieces of what was said :rofl::rofl:

Either I agreed with what I didn’t quote or I was focused on making a point on something else.

Mehdi, in your situation, id use Paimon to get them to leave your ass alone. After that, do some sigil work with the abremelin money square (search the forum) and use them to help you get some “Fuck you” cash in case they push you to the limit and feel the need to leave


I will.Thanks


I love this idea… I forgot about the Money Square and it’s a good way to put some into future issues.

@Fallen_Angel, @DarkestKnight, I respect both your opinions regardless of your ages.
I’m sorry @Mehdi84667 if I helped derail this, that wasn’t my intention.


Believe me I’ve never regret anything here in this not apologize✌