Manipulating lust energy

In my study of yogic energy work, I have found that working with the energies of lust and arousal are very potent. Here are some tips for manipulating these energies.

Identifying the energy: the energy of lust is generated in the root chakra, and occupies a channel running through the genitals and the base of the skull. See it being filled with a warm, glowing mist. Feel th3 heat and see the light in the inner vision. using mindfulness skills, identify its state throughout the day. it will be especially useful to pay attention to it during your periods of lust/ arousal.

Diminishing the energy: a lot of people struggle with an excess of sexual arousal, which can be a distraction. This is especially true if one is walking the path of Brahmacarya - yogic celibacy - as I am. This is actually quite easy. calmly breathe the mist out in slow, deep breaths. Feel it leave you. feel the heat grow cooler and the light will grow dimmer. The master can render himself essentially asexual.

A note about sexual suppression: DO NOT do this. The energy will be built up and cause an energetic toxicity. The energy must be dissipated, not suppressed.

Increasing energy: Great if you suffer from a lack of sexual desire. There are two ways to do this: either deliberately charge the root chakra, or breathe in the mist, and feel the intesity of the light, heat, and content increase. This will not differ much from Tum-mo. In fact, Tum-mo mastery should come first before these experiments.

Targeting energy: Imagine the following. You are a man feeling no desire for his wife anymore, or anyone else. You use the above technique to increase your lust, but now you want a bunch of young women, not your wife. This is where targeting comes in. To target, visualize the object of your intended affection, imagine that you are attracted to this object. Allow the mist to transfigure from blank lust energy to the lust energy of the target. I have found that this transfiguration will occur naturally if the generation of the energy and the visualization occur simultaniously.

The “Lust Cannon” : When your lust channel is at full charge (ideally naturally) pull all that energy up to the Third Eye, and charge it. When charged, release it to a specific intent.


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Do you know how to use energy manipulation to create a field of energy that will attract women to you and sexual opportunities?

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