Manipulating for Business

I wasnt sure which section to tag this post in…

So, I want to try my first manipulation spell.
I was looking in the Book of Azazel a spirit named Lord Kiltan. I was wondering if anyone has worked with him?
I want to know which method is best for this spirit.
Sigil, evocation, other? ( I’m open to suggestions)

I am in real estate and I need to make some quick cash. I want to command the spirit to get a person to accept my offer over other people’s offer. I dont feel any remorse bc i spoke to the person and my offer seems the fairest. I am thinking he will take the offer, but i want to ensure that he does.

Also, I want to execute my first manipulation. Any advice is welcomed. Maybe if you know any other entities that could offer a similar outcome.

Tldr, but an altar to king Paimon can help.