Manifesting things into reality

I have this problem often, trust me it can be a problem. I have to really regulate my thoughts or I risk people stealing my ideas. Often, business ideas no one else has done very well… then poof…

It’s happened more than I care for. At this point I have to ask my council to guard my thoughts like magneto so I don’t influence others.

But there are good times, people buy me food quite often without me ever asking or talking to them. Sometimes even give me money.


Try willing your desires into creation without forgetting them.
Memorize the feeling of seeing your manifestations occurring, that “Wow” moment, with that try to will what you desire with that feeling in mind.


That’s something I’m trying to do now, I’ve tried it before and it does make me feel better


Ok that makes a lot of sense. I can tell when im on the same wavelength as another person. That’s probably when it happens and i’m not realizing it.

I never thought of that as a downside! People at work or school would come up with ideas and I just thought it was coincidence. I never thought of guarding my thoughts.

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