Manifesting reality through astral work

Is there methods to go to the casual plane and change your circumstances to fit your desires in this plane?

This idea came to me spontaneously and i would very much like to learn this skill of changing negative circumstances in my life on the higher planes to fit my desires and needs within this plane.

Any help would be appreciated. I feel this to be my new project


In voodoun emotions are extremely important to provoke the Lwa to do something .That’s why we dance like we mean it to the Lwa ,or sing with passion to them .First for the ritual you need to physically evoke him to full physical manifestation .To influence your negatives and use emotion to manipulate it in voodoun ,you’ll need to find a host to give it to ,for my case I used a cat .
Legba is centred as he is the gatekeeper .He opens the gate but first you need to appease him by performing the ritual with emotions .Do it the raw African way .Tap into his black side e.g by dancing to beats of drums ,singing African orations and by praising him .
As emotions biuld up you need an "Oroshe " leaf .You chew it and chant :- Papa Legba ,the keeper of the gate ,the opener of universes ,the black man meet me at the gate (Dance in circle then chant ) I beseech you papa take away my undoings .
Cut the cat’s throat and spill the blood on Papa Legba’s feet and hands and on the gate .By this you give him the negatives and he shuts them behind the gate as he goes .
This ritual can only be done if you can achieve physical manifestation of Papa Legba .If you can’t then practise first evoking him to physical manifestation .
Always place a small African like elderly stool beside his altar for him to sit when he comes .And ensure you place his gifts like tobbaco on his altar .

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Boy you need to summon Vimarone from the book Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos :wink:

Very interesting topic
I don’t have any experience in astral but I invite all members to comment if they like
I have read in a book that is a dimension that if you change things there you can change the reality idk if this is true but if any member of forum know somthing will be happy to know