Manifesting money for mastery classes?

Hi E.A.,
I’ve been thinking this over and figured I should go ahead and submit this. I have somewhat of a challenge for you. (A positive kind, not an ignorant 'prove yourself ’ nonsense kind of thing, don’t worry, lol.)

I’ve followed your work for a good while now, watched many of the YouTube videos, started reading articles. I believe you are both very legit, and serious about wanting to share this knowledge with anyone that wants to learn it.

Now the challenge part. I know that your mastery courses, (mastering evocation, divination and soul travel) could teach people so much they could ten use to do what you wish us to be able to do for our selves. We could perhaps learn to meet our own needs eventually in part using these. But the trouble for some is likely buying the courses in the first place. Even a few hundred dollars is a lot of money for low wage workers, single parents etc. So… teach us on YouTube, a simple easily usable magical way to manifest the money to them spend on the courses. You get to teach, we get to learn, we get our classes, you get a few sales. Win win, right.

I hope, I not accidentally misworded this to sound negative. My intent is honestly a positive one.