Manifesting material object itself vs money , which is better for a huge costly item?

For example let’s say if the magician wanted an expensive item like a really nice car or house right ?

Obviously money magick would be the hardest way to do it right ?

The best way would be to materialize the object someway through inheritance or gifted from a rich friend , no ?

Example : I want a house in a very expensive SoCal city

So the way I see it is either get a spirit to bring me a very close rich friend or marry into money. Preferably a older widowed women on her death bed ( don’t judge , you do what you gotta do to get a house around here).

Obviously I have to get more established in my career to afford the taxes so I need income of some kind because what I do now would barely cover it but that’s besides the point.

So what’s the best way to go about manifesting something like that ?

I’m gonna get mine , no matter what but I gotta figure out a strategy to get there.

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Manifest the house.

There are ways to get material objects that do not require money, such as lotteries, gifts, and so on, so it is recommended to enchant for the object itself, not for the money to buy the object.


Always the object you seek for the work you put into it will find creative ways to bring it to you.

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It would be much less stress on you mentally if you allowed your unconscious mind to determine how you receive your desire, especially since that is its nature.

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Always seek to manifest your desired reality. Money is simply a means to an end.