Manifesting in universal circle

Is it necessary to draw an imaginary triangle of manifestation in the middle of the universal circle? Or is the universal circle that I purchased from EA suffice?

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The circle is for you, not the spirit. There is no need for a triangle in it.

A triangle simply sets aside a space for the spirit. If you want to use a triangle, it is usually set outside the circle, in the direction in which the spirit will manifest, with one point touching the circumference of the circle itself. The censor, with the incense, is then placed in the centre of the triangle as a base for the materialization of the spirit.

The operator, which is you, sits as God in the centre of the circle, which is also the centre of the universe.

I would recommend either Works of Darkness or Evoking Eternity for information on the use of the triangle. Personally, I do not use one with my Universal Circle. I let the spirit materialize where it will.


I appreciate that info brother Darkestknight ! This morning I didnt even use my circle. just my alter with rum,kettle corn,sandlewood incense and some weed I shared with Duke Sallos.I have been working with Lucifer and had ask him to bless my ritual space with Sallos and to intensify the task I sent Sallos accomplish for me in a two week period.I heard both entitys distinct voice speak to my mind,intense goosebumps all over my body,static touching of my hair,lol! Sallos sidgil began to float,lines flashing and going into some sort of wave movement! I thought that was soo fucking KOOL !! I knew then, my petition was heard and it will manifest as my desires are both bless by the hands of Lucifer and now by Sallos.


It’s not necessary, but it helps to have a second UC while working with the spirits of the Book of Azazel. Koetting calls it the 1st Gateway of pacts if memory serves.

In a ritual set up such as this you and the spirit are both occupying the same type of space as equals in which you both have equal barging power for a pact. Good for if your into that kind of thing, but if you approach evocation from a different mindset (aka “One with God and thus sit with authority over the spirit” or “A worshiper seeking to placate their gods”.) you’ll want a different set up.

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What about black Cube Idol?

Of course it’s preferable to have a full carved black Stone in apropriate size.

But, will just Dark / Black Stone,

Or for a funny example: an empty black shoe Box go for acceptable Idol qualitys?

(besides the fact of what the practioner belives, what just tends to be Potent!?!?)


I’ve been looking for a Triangle that is not constructive of these beings,meaning that won’t indicate"commandments" of the being.They will show up wherever they desire.The triangle and circle really are for the Operator.There is a E.A. Koetting Video where he explains that a little and due to my having the complete works With me at this time however I think I’ve read that in “Evoking Eternity”.But I am trying to find a Triangle for that.

The universal circle can act as a triangle of manifestation as well as a empowering vortex of power and command for the magician too.


Use the seal of sorcery as a manifestation triangle!
Or UC!

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That is not the purpose of the Seal. However, Kingdoms of Flame does provide a triangle if one wishes to use one.


You took the words right out of my mouth dude

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So the UC can be used as a triangle for them to manifest in. Interesting.

The Universal Circle is based on the Circle of Pacts found in the Book of Azazel, and, as the CoP can be used for the manifestation of the spirit, so too can the UC.


Hi. My name is Gordon. I have a Universal Circle. Do I have to
put some of my blood on it, to activate it?

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I would.

No you don’t.

It’s already come with an entity attached, it’s effectively alive and it’s not a case of “activating” it. You can’t deactivate it, I have tried :slight_smile:

You can put it in a metal box and magickally bind it to stop it affecting the energy in your spaces if you really want to. In my experience just folding it an putting it away isn’t enough. (When you want to use it again just take it out of the box.) A shipping box is not going to do anything to it. I guess you could burn it, that would probably do the job. You could also detach the entity and banish it making it an ordinary piece of fabric util you open the circle each time.

Actually the triangle is more important than some people might think. It symbolises life because 2 triangles make the 6 rayed star. The circle is magical through its perfection 360 ° and infinity as a door between worlds. The triangle in the circle pushes to materialisation.