Manifesting desires

when doing a work is it more effective to list all u desire like a certain guitar or Grimoires or bootcamps maybe even a ritual by a master for a good shot in the arm…or just focus on the $$ materialization…I enjoy reading and listening to the works I have so far seen very helpful I have grown faster in the past few months than I have in years of seeking an initiating into many esoteric orders spending $$ every which way…now I have hit a rough spot but when I try listing my desires I loose concentration maybe like a shotgun blast iam spreading the essence too thin idk I wanted to hear another opinion…iam willing to put in work and study and I respect the orders I have been in even though some threw more obsticals than bridges to light…I honor my obligations and oaths but since I have been eating up everything I can get from BALG its been like one epiphany after another connecting the dots I feel if I can get over this hump i will grow expidentially thanx again…

I’m not sure there’s a single correct answer to that - I find it easier to manifest outcomes or objects than the money to get them, but my family did have ahem issues around money, so it’s probably something programmed, and I’ve successfully made some progress by deprogramming it.

Some people believe that money is a “means to an end” or a symbol of energy, and therefore 1. is useless to focus on, since it’s never the money in its own right that you want or (conversely) 2. that money as energy is desirable since it gives you mutiple opportunities when you descide to want something else.

Both make fairly good sense, so I think you’re going to have to choose for yourself where to place your focus, or maybe do one level of work (planetary, maybe) for money in its own right, something people on here have had some success with, and another level that won’t contradict that (such as evocation or manifestation) for the actual objects and/or events you desire.

Just some ideas, anyway.

The issue of concentration in relation to manifesting desires has been an issue with me lately as well. It’s been said that it’s best to expend all your desire in one spell. Doing this in one go makes the spell “stick”, and you supposedly get better results than if you expended your desire over a series of spells for the same goal. You’ll know you’re done when you can no longer concentrate or continue the ritual.

But what if your desire is self-regenerating?

After a working I’ll be utterly spent, unable to move, speak, or think straight. But by the next day or week my desire will have grown back, boldly and itching for an outlet. This can be a problem, as you can imagine.

This phenomenon has been discussed in many ways, but now that I’m experiencing it firsthand I can’t see the forest for the trees. What to expect then?

Convert that into an emotion of grateful happiness that you have your result. That’s what I do, anyway - you get used to doing it. :slight_smile: