Manifesting a spirits touch physically

When I get with sexual spirits, I can feel their touch but its not quite physical, there is lots of pleasure but it has its limits. How does one get a succubus or other spirit to manifest their touch to the point where it feels like a real person is touching you? Any advice welcome.

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Not sure but ill share my experince with you
lately I’ve been feeling the same way every since I tried evokin king paimon
It always feels like someone is touching me but not in physically level
It feels like his stimulating all my chakras and It’s extremely pleasurable and sexually instance
I was not surprised since I asked him to help me with my chakras and astral senses :blush:

In my experience, it’s more limited to have a physical interaction with another human than with a spirit. A human can’t hold your heart in his/her hands without killing you in the process, while a spirit can do that with ease and without any harm. A spirit can physically touch you in places we can’t reach, just because the physical to physical interaction has limitations and barriers.

The touch of a spirit comes in different strengths and sensations, and their energies is just as much dependent on you as well as the environment surrounding you. Generally, the spirits energy touching our naked skin is often swift, soft and quite “breezy”. It often resemblance the weight of a balloon put on your skin. It’s not that strong and takes a lot of attention on your part to recognize it. The spirits energy current is weaker, because the top layer of our skin is often dry and have a small resistance to electricity. Just take a look at the different layers of our skin, and you will understand what I’m talking about:

For our spirits to strengthen their touches, they skip the dry top layer, Stratum Corneum, of our skin and goes deeper to the nerves. The optimal layer for them to strengthen their touches is on the Dermis and Hypodermis. All the nerves and moisture beneath our skins, gives an immense oomph to their currents, making their touches so much stronger.

Just like our deeper layers of our skin, clothes and fabric textile is a good receptor of electric currents, making the touch of a spirit much stronger.

For the spirits being able to touch us, and we to physically feel it, they need access to our nervous system and our head chakra needs to be fully open. That’s why the top layer of our skin isn’t sensible enough to sense them strongly. They need access to the nerves beneath.


Can you elaborate on opening the head chakras there are many. The third eye,bindu chakra, crown chakra, and many on the face

They’re all connected in one way or the other, so you really can’t exclude either one if you want to comprehend what’s going on when a spirit touches you.

I would say the Crown Chakra is very much active when it comes to sense spirits touches, but the Third Eye makes it possible to see the spirit energy as an extension of your ability to sense and feel spirits and energies. You can’t exclude any other chakra, as I see it.

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