Manifesting a glow up(shape-shifting?)through magick

Has anyone been able to become a more attractive version of themselves trhough the use of magick? I mean this in a more “becoming a more attractive version of yourself” instead of “trying to look like another hot person”. Like look at the actor timothee chamalet. When he was in high school and his early 20s he looked like a dork, no offense to him. Like he was very unattractive. And somehow he just had a glow up when he got into his mid 20s and now he is probably one of the most attractive looking guys in hollywood. Has anyone siccesfully done this? I ve been thinking of evoking Belphegor for this, but how would i go abouy asking for something so huge? And how did you guys glow up through physical appearence with magick?

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Yes. I’ve gotten much better looking over the previous few years.

Diet (as in what you normally generally always eat, not just “watch the calories in your sodas” for a week)
Exercise (habitually)
Style - style has to feel good and also bring out your best features

People get really bent out of shape about wanting to be attractive but this is all it takes. Maybe some confidence.


There’s many ways, mainly glamour magick. You can ask Lucifer who has personally helped me get a “glow”, and also try subliminals.
Working out is also important, but all of this is next to useless without proper hygeine so make sure that’s good first and if it isn’t that you correct it.

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