Manifesting a dance partner

I love all sorts of dancing, and I need a female platonic partner to take dance lessons together for ballroom style of dances.

How would you guys go about manifesting someone like that? Any suggestion is appreciated.


Just script it in the past, and basically convince yourself you have it already

Ignore reality entirely and maintain the emotions of having it not lacking it

And it happens

Is what I’ve found


N.G style. Thank you @anon69037110

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I think the term for that would be blind evocation. Basically, you evoke whatever you desire and each time you bring it closer and closer to manifestation. I’m sure a regular will correct me on the exact details. Koetting has this in the Evoking Eternity book.

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That sounds interesting and new to me. I’ll have a look. Much appreciated @anon41658706

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I remember when in labor the nurse told me “Remember each completed contraction brings you closer to your baby’s birth”

Think I’m going to start applying that to my spells and manifestations.

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I would simply fire off a Spare-syle sigil with the appropriate intention.

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@ViktoriaMourning would you kindly elaborate the meaning please?

@DarkestKnight that’s the first idea that popped up. Ta, my friend.

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Ok in labor you have contractions. Then there is always one final one before a baby was born.

Lets pretend that in my childs birth I’m destined to have 121 contractions total before the birth. After 10 im 111 away. After 62 contractions… After 115 contractions I only have to do 6 more.115 contractions are gone and im eventually going to be only one step closer to my childs birth and i will not have to repeat them.

However you dont know how many you have to do before the birth will happen.

Same with manifesting. You keep making your wish/intention/what you want, to manifest every hour every day whatever it takes. At some point it will come to you. Just like that baby.


@ViktoriaMourning wow! That’s a really good analogy, reminded me of the work in Angel’s of Omnipotence where you keep filling up yourself with power till the desire is manifested. Thank you very much.

It’s a lot easier to seek out dance lessons and then find a partner there than to try to convince someone to go take lessons with you and be as committed as you are.

I also enjoy dancing, and if you are in or near a reasonably sized city you can probably find groups that offer lessons for just about any style of dance if you look around. If you yourself are dedicated then you will naturally attract a partner who is also dedicated, though a little magick certainly would help.

Very few people take anything really seriously in the sense of wanting to achieve a real degree of skill. You will likely meet partners who are not willing or capable of advancing as far as you. This is why I would suggest focusing on yourself and your own ability. If you do magick to improve your own skill with your preferred style of dance, then partners should come into your life naturally.

If you persist, then you will meet someone who is dedicated and willing to go down this path with you.


@shinri I understand your point. I did go solo to a partner dancing class for 6 weeks and I had to share the instructor or pretend dancing with a partner. It would certainly be more productive and fun with a partner. I thought this would be the perfect place to ask for suggestions :blush:

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Well yeah totally do some magick to manifest a partner. Angels, demons, sigils, whatever style of magick you want to use can do this. If you don’t know any good methods and want a book suggestion I can do that if you tell me what sort of magick you want to be doing.

What I’m saying is that the magick will probably work better if you keep showing up to dance lessons since that’s where you’re likely to meet this person. Maybe try checking out a different studio/group occasionally. This works just like magick to meet new friends or sexual/romantic partners. You don’t always get a hit first time every time. Sometimes you just have to show up more and give the magick the chance to align coincidence with you and someone else. You also need to show up to the right place.

When I’ve taken dance lessons in the past the instructor would demonstrate and go around to practice with everyone there, and if we weren’t with the instructor we partnered up with one of the other students. It sounds like you’re saying that you don’t dance with the other students. If that’s true you’ve probably just been going to kind of a crappy dance studio. I’d look for a place where you actually get to dance.

It can also help to spend time with the other students outside of class. The obvious activity would be to go out dancing and just vibe, but you could do other stuff as well. Most people don’t want to fully commit themselves to someone they barely know. And if you are new then having a larger variety of partners would be good anyways to help you learn. Unless you are starting to get really good there should be plenty of people around your level you can learn with.

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You are right. Can’t do magick and just lay back. I had to share the instructor because everyone has their partner except other couple of guys in my group. I’ll look around :blush: thanks for the advice.

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Draw it, imagine it, paint it, visualise it, dream it and bless it!

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Thank you @Rav :blush:

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Where are you! I am ballroom trained.

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Thank you @sanaRo. I think I’m ready to give another go at this method since I’ve dissolved my resistance.

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That’d be awesome @Angelb1083. But, I’m in Perth, Western Australia :slightly_smiling_face: