Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows the name and sigil of a entity that can materialize specific things for an evocator on the physical plane,other than money and sex…etc.

If your talking about causing objects to physically materialize like the devils stone ritual. The only grimoired entity I can remember that is supposed to do that is one Konstantinos lists in his book summoning spirits.

But in the vain of this topic

The intelligence behind Ayahuasca is good at causing phycial objects to come into existence.

Is there anything you can tell me regarding this devil stone ritual? Thank you for the info!

The devil stone ritual is one given to EA by azazel in book of azazel, its to materilize objects. He kinda goes into more detail about it in the evocation course.

Also, i have been seeing a lot of talk about so called “wing spells” on other forums. What can u tell me about this, which spirit would be the one for this?