If I open, activate, and fully put my intention into a spirits sigil and believe my desire to happen in reality, then fully release attachment to the desire (let go), will the demon for sure manifest what I want? @Lady_Eva @anon48079295 @Darkscorpio @AdamThoth @Ryce

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Nah , that’s if they accept it first .

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You are missing an ingredient to that recipe there. Actually a few ingredients, first get to know the spirit and build a little report. Then make sure you got the right corresponding materials, metal, wood, incense, candle, gems, colors etc and offering. Now this whole process is truly more about you building your end of the connection and really not so much for the spirit. Next, and now this is the cumin in the taco, gratitude is a really big deal be sure your gratitude ritual is top notch. And last but not least you need to meet the spirit half way, for example I recently started working with Duke Sallos to bring me the love of my life, now going to do everything basically myself, the seduction the romance etc I’m good at it and I enjoy doing it. All he is really doing is finding me the right one to seduce. Now this could take several forms. Last time I did my tinder spell, they would say they were “compelled” to reach out to me as if drawn to me in some mysterious way. I’ll try to find that screenshot of my conversation with the woman. But for now the main thing is you got to be willing to do your end of the bargain. The gods won’t do for man what he can do for himself. Cheers!
OK I found it. Go ahead and feel free to read through the screen caps, this is a very good example of how to meet the gods half way. Also a great demonstration of how to use your psychic abilities to impress a date :wink:

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Can’t say for sure the being has to accept that’s the main thing, material and timeframe that’s all optional stuff tbh. Sometimes people even manifest things on their own and thank the entity for doing it but in reality it was their own ability that did it.

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Another question. If someone doesn’t have the ability to hear the entity how he will know that he/she wants to help?

There’s other ways an entity can relay information. However, it’s always best to learn these things prior to messing with entities. Some form of clairvoyant ability.

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It’s not about messing with the entities…I called upon Asmodeus I felt the energy changing…But I didn’t have any sign if he wants to help me or not. In general I am not the person who sits and reads only. So it is impossible for me to wait until I gain the ability to see or hear them!

Nothing in life or magic is guaranteed. However there are things you can do to help things go your way. You can continue to develop your psychic/magical abilities by establishing a daily practice. You can work on things that ‘you are not good at’ until you are good at them, or at least passable. Magic is not a manifestation of instantaneous will, it is a journey of self actualization and the finding of your own power. Those magus able to just manifest what they want almost ‘effortlessly’ have put in a ton of work and development of own their powers and soul.

As @AdamThoth pointed out, preparatory immersion is key when working with entities and spirits. Even then you should meditate on what it is you really desire, and if the topic is worth dedicating the time to conjure a spirit for, or if there are other (simpler) ways to get what you want. If it is the later, then you may want to explore those routes, especially if you do not have developed astral senses and cannot reliably communicate with the other side.

A lot of people want to jump right into spirit contact without having the right mindset or skills, and then they worry and worry and worry about the results of the petition and shoot themselves in the foot by draining the experience of its own power/momentum before it has had proper time to manifest. This is usually because they obsesses over the fact ‘if they were heard’ or not. Too busy worrying about that to see the obvious signs that the spirit may or may not have manifested for them in real life.

Rungr brings up a really good point in this. A lot of people are quick to dismiss their own personal power and abilities in favor of a spirits. For good or for ill, a spirit could be used to help the practitioner displace and suspend their disbelief in the paranormal, thus increasing the likelihood of it manifesting because the mind is more comfortable with putting it in others hands than messing with it up with their own. If that makes sense at all xD

Thats good that you felt something.

Rungr has a good point about developing yourself first, but the excitement of doing and actually feeling a shift in the energy is quite a lot to process. Especially for a beginner.

If I may interject with my own thoughts xD

Do you have an established meditation practice? If not, you should get one rolling. It will do wonders with your ability to concentrate and focus energy. Not only that but a clear mind and relaxed body will help in the manifestation of spirits around you or through you if you are doing the evocations through your astral temple.

The first thing you are going to need to do is sit and learn to be with yourself. Learn to quiet your mind and be in silence so you can distinguish between your own thoughts and those of an entity. However, you are going to have to sit and sit and sit and train yourself so you can reach your goals. You will fight against boredom, you will fight against restlessness, you will fight against the constant chattering of your own thoughts. Once you can win those fights, you will be able to concentrate properly on your task, you can begin to discern the littler things about this world. The more subtle spaces of reality. Its a process of self realization and the beginning of the beginning of the rabbit hole.

It takes discipline, it takes self control and restraint.

While you are working on yourself, you can do the necessary preparatory immersion about the entities that you are interested in or drawn to. Feel free to learn about them, note their preferences, compare notes of people who have summoned them before, bask in the elements, chant their enn, psychically feel out the colors of their associations, etc, etc. Get a notebook and write down how it all makes you feel. Note the energetic difference between white and black, blue and yellow, purple and green, etc.

There is a lot of ‘work’ a beginner could do before diving into evocation to make sure that they are as prepared as possible and will have an interesting experience. A lot of people jump the gun on this, then develop doubts or worse tell themselves that they cannot do xyz.


@Ryce You are right about the meditation. I am not a beginner to that, I have done a lot of meditation (12/24) that’s probably why it was so easy for me tto open the sigil and feel the energy around me. I have been studying everything in here at least for months before I decided to do something that’s why I am so confused about the signs. For instance when I called Bune I could see the energy like a tornado or something like that , with Asmodeus I felt him in two minutes but again I am not sure if he accepted to help me and I don’t want to be disrespectful and try with another demon about the same subject.