"Manifestation" Poem From "Evoking Eternity"

Am I the only person to have read that poem at the beginning of “Evoking Eternity” and think, “That’s a song!”? Somehow I think not. I hear a medium paced 6/8 time and music somewhat in the style of Metallica (before they went soft.) I have a melody quite firmly in my head, which came almost instantaneously, upon reading the words. Perhaps it’s already been done, recorded even. I know EA has connexions with at least one dark metal band. If it hasn’t been done, it was my idea 1st!:slight_smile:
Edited to say, the image on the front cover of “Evoking Eternity”, blown up several times, would make an awesome full-back tattoo, but that has to have been done before. Not for me, my left lower back is occupied -and that was plenty painful!

I don’t mean to dig up an old(ish) and inactive thread, but i have the cover image of those books tattooed on my chest, quite large.

i changed the sigils to read “VI” in each circle (hence VI, VI, VI), with the top circle reading “DCLXVI” around the perimeter, the lower left reading “SOLVE” and the lower right reading “COAGULA”.

if you ask very nicely, i’ll post a picture of my beautiful, beautiful, half-naked body XD

“'tis known I am a pretty piece of flesh…”



Erm, yeah, of course occult body-art is of academic interest to many of us… :wink:

Yes… for science!


okay, i’ll send nekkid pics in the interest of science, and because Lady Eva’s “academic interest” gets her all hot and bothered XD

i don’t have social media, so you’ll have to PM me an email address i can forward the pics to.



I figured out how to post attachments :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s one from about two years ago. Or maybe 3… In any case I look pretty much the same aside from my hair being longer and my face being a little plumper, and you can see the tattoo on my chest right there.

I’ll take a couple better shots this weekend, now that I’ve figured out how to upload them, here. In this photo, I’d just woken up and I hadn’t slept well, so take it for what it is. It’s shot outside my old dorm building on campus at med school. I wasn’t expecting photos that early in the morning, hence the stupid, blank expression and the fag behind my ear. I was waiting for the water to boil for my coffee.

Oh! And I now have the Liberty Bell on the left side of my chest, opposite the cover art you can see there. Just above the bell of the stethoscope, in fact. I got it in PA when I was there last, visiting my dad and his family:) It’s a long trek cos I live in Australia LOL, but I really wanted to get something symbolising both America and PA while I was in the state, seeing as my dad’s from there, and I have that famous doctor cousin from six generations back, also from PA. I think the Liberty Bell was a good choice, and it looks pretty neat. I’ll post more pics this wkend of my occult / PA ink.