Manifestation of the spirit in a knew face

Dear Evocationists, Grettings!

Is it possible when Trying to evoke to a spirit that he/she be manifested in a familiar face, for example the face of a friend, the portrait of a picture that you are familiar etc? I have experienced it tonight, and I don´t know what I must think, if it was the spirit or a creation of my subconcience.


most spirits (not all in my experience) can take most if not any form so if you evoked one with the specific intent of them looking like something familiar than yes its completely possible they appeared as that

one way to confirm this is to ask them a question they would know the answer to but you would not and than look up the answer later to see if they were correct

So far, I have had interaction with 2 Goetic spirits who were often thought of as male (Bathin and Bune) who came to me as female entities as well. Many of these entities are extremely multifaceted and aspects of deities, many of which were female. So yea, this is something that is easy to do if you are not obsessed or ingrained with the idea that these entities are the gender or even species (looking humanoid, animalistic, or monstrous) they are often realized as

I’ve come to interpret some of what EA wrote about (in terms of Forms- Sociocultural details, being not just in the Operator Mind- Subcon let alone the Conscious-Mind Structures… what forms How we see- not the momentary thoughts we have from those structures)… as being communication as well as part of the fdbk loop… an actual energetic circuit (in the same way that “associations of thought” seems to be grown by/into neural links: when you speak to someone that “gets” what you’re saying- there is that plugin… or not)
and beyond that… the Language/words (and time-zeit and place-geniilocus) is in a structure that could be tied to the collectiveUncon but related to the Fog-of an area of the interacting/linkage of Minds… the GroupMind of symbols (not the actual details… but we interpret Aspects of this system as sensory-symbols…) -thus to PlugInto another system… easier in another place or with others fully thinking that (or both) vs surrounded by those nearby feeds to lead you to a similar MindState (not just per hints and such- but “physically” and E)

relevance? -I see this related to how Evok-ation ( as well as Skyring- sensing- energetic moving/ activesending or receiving) is like something that doesn’t Fit in our system and our senses… so it is like electrically stimulating the nervous system directly… I smell “oranges” while I think of a memory… and hear a sort of music but not quite… (electrical wires could trigger that, not connected to “enviro” as they are wires… but if that is how the Energetic linkage “circuit” plugs in… how we see it? (above jumps context- and the end refers back to re-interp the middle–

like 2 chemicals poured into a container and mixed up… that swirl as they are mixed and react however those chems do… if it is a dynamic reaction… it is A affecting B which affect A… etc. and the resulting new substances react also… thus the “Medium is the Msg.” -“something realized can’t be Un-known.” … or how receiving the Comm, creates changes in Consciousness’/and thus one’s E-State, which the Entity receives as Energy that the Entity’s system responds to also (Con change could be Awakening, could also just be listen-understand-answer or triggers a memory… etc.

So to loop back- how tell? -before one “reaches out” … one already Contacting that E-freq/current? as increase connection/open the door (to go there, or to call “them” near, or to just stay on each side and exchange E back and forth)… what is that sense- and see the interp-reps of the symbols… but the “appearance” isn’t the issue to SEE their Essence (feel the Energy-behind… underlying)… in the same way that the Cards don’t have the answers to a reading-written on them… or does a Psychometrist speak about the appearance of a ring but the sensations arising from its Contact… -in terms of how to see beyond, as well as why-what

(in the end, can one be fooled? or even not tricked, but just mistaken? sure- isn’t Working to not be fooled called Becoming Wise?)