Manifestation of my love spell

Hello guys,

I recently got a few love spells done by a caster around 3 weeks ago, with some minor movements. But I’m very positive for them to work.

My question is: in the last week I’ve been truly feeling lucky and have actually come in to some unexpected winnings and I’m talking a good chunk of it.

Is there anyway my love spell could have affected my luck ? And if so is that mean my spell is manifesting soon ?

Also: when I was with my target I always felt like she was my lucky charm. And my cash flow was very good around her. I did have some hardships for the last few months that were unrelated to the breakup. But this past week has been something else, luck wise and I never win anything or any form of lottery.

Can anyone tell me if the luck is related to the spell and whether or not it’s a sign if the manifestation.

Use your intuition, most cases that gut feeling is right. Does it feel like it’s a manifestation from the spell you had done?

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Funny thing is, after the spell. This past Monday the thing I won, I was sorta manifesting winning it. The whole week prior and it actually materialized to my surprise. And made me feel very confident about the spell.

And same thing last night, I was at a card game where i was hanging out. And I wasn’t even going to play and ended up winning a substantial amount

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Kinda odd for it to pour over on my luck. The only significant thing to me was the fact that I always thought my target was very lucky for me. Weird !!!
And I didn’t make a big deal about it on Monday but after last night I couldn’t stop questioning it.

Maybe your luck is the path through which your spell will manifest.

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Hopefully yess … let’s see how long the luck lasts. Lol don’t want to push my luck gambling… haha