Manifestation materials a step beyond beginner level?

I have always wanted to ask this. We all know the exercises with visualizations and the candles. They’re put on Youtube or in the general public with a big, bright, “Manifestation for beginners” slapped on the front.

I believe I have learned manifestation for beginners, now, and it’s not exactly going to give me results if I look up “manifestation for intermediates”. I would like to step into knowing more about this, about vibrations (what they are, what do they do, their origin, their nature, etc) and about advanced strategies and self empowerment rituals.

Are there any tips or resources you hold to high regard that do this?

Tasking spirits is kind of the one thing that works for me, but I’m a beginner too. Candle spells and such? Yeah, never managed to make those work.

Since you said you have learned manifestation for beginners, did you get what you wanted to manifest?

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Yes, or rather I am getting it. I see things are moving out of the way for it to come in.

Anyways, for smaller manifestations, a definite yes.

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What I hold on highest regard is hard work practice and effort

Well use mantras (Lepaca Qliphot), Enns and magic circles(for example: Paralda, Djinn, Nichsa, Gob) as well as evocation triangles like the Qliphothic one (Ziz, Leviathan, Behemoth) or the one from Azazel or Hecate. The one you feel most comfortable with



This is a similar issue to new programmers that follow the tutorials and guides, but find there isn’t a clear-cut roadmap of where to go. Everything seems to be either for beginners or experts.

There are a few strategies for dealing with this.

One is to start working with a system that is different from the one you currently use. This may require a different method of working and this would likely help later on. An example of this would be that if you’re used to working with Chaos methods, look for a system that uses more structure, such as Ceremonial magick. If you’re working with a system that uses more of an internal source of power, like Qigong, supplement it with something like Psionics.

Another way is to find an area that you have an interest in and start consuming more about it. This should involve practicing, as simply reading about a topic doesn’t impart the experience with it. Personally, I find that I consume enough to get started, then practice. Then I start a cycle between the two and take that as far as I want to go with that topic at the time.

One thing I do find useful is to grab something I consider as near the expert level and read through it. How much did I understand? What were some of the things I KNOW I didn’t fully get or maybe get at all? Note them and let them brew in your brain. After a while, re-read the material (or watch the video). You may be surprised at how far you’ve come.

Finally, if you can’t find any materials in topics you’re interested, you going to have to forge your own path. Try to find a related topic with enough materials to help you as a guide. There’s a lot out there, but sometimes you have to go to academic sources, find a similar practice to model yours after, and find your own way.

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