Manifestation magick


So I am interested in hearing about any magic you can do that purely affects the physical plane. Stories and methods are welcomed


I know it’s real. After my house got broken into and severe damage was done, all my valuables were stolen, including heirlooms, and that includes a particular ring. They left the box, and weeks after I couldn’t let It go, so I prayed that some spirit with the power to retrieve it would.

Some weeks later I kept looking through all my stuff and I kept the empty box in my clothes draw, and I checked it every other week like a lunatic, and behold, it had appeared…

It was a general prayer though I had narrowed it down to a Saint from the Orthodox Church, so I am lead to conclude.

That’s the story


Evangelos, that’s a kick ass story dude. Heh, wow!


I offered an insect stabbed by one of my magic daggers to the spider spirit who came up with the strategy used to defeat the thought form and magician who attacked me before. The insects body vanished.


O.M.G. - where to begin? I have MANY “manifestation” stories! I think I’ve said (somewhere) before that I literally LIVE BY Magickal means. Do I hold a job, collect a paycheck, pay bills? Of course … but anytime I want something specific I use Magick to call it to me, instead of endlessly hunting it & fretting over the how, why & when …

Case in point: At the beginning of the year I was in need of a new car, but really didn’t have sufficient income for a monthly car payment + insurance for a new car, nor is my credit rating wonderful … AND I didn’t have a chunk of cash lying around waiting to be spent.

So, I did a Ritual to set in motion events that would bring TO me the car I described: a sporty style car in excellent condition & well maintained that I could easily afford. I did this sometime between Christmas & New Year’s…

On January 17th, a purple mustang in excellent condition & well maintained was signed over - GIVEN to me! I KID YOU NOT!

MAGICK WORKS! Zoe :wink:


Awhile back I decided I wanted to experience a different location, something on a beach with strong magical connections within reach. I was specific in that I wanted to be able to go there long enough to really get the idea of what it would be like to live there without permanently moving or adversely affecting my finances. I did my ritual and within two weeks my husbands job sent us to the gulf coast, within an hour of New Orleans, for 9 months with our expenses paid, and our home still waiting here for us when we returned - no need to sell it or upend our lives.


For many years I was kind of blocked with money magick, could never bring it into manifestation by my many failed attempts and frustration and therefore lack of trust in my abilities. I think I was way too attached to having money it would just go further away.

That changed recently. After realizing non-attachment is a key, I have had a decent salary increase, my debt cycle has finished. One other thing that has never happened before has happened;

I sat in my car one night and scryed and got into a trance, then went on to invoke omnipotence and visualized a 50 dollar note in my hands, in my wallet, etc. I did this and a natural smile came across my face, knowing it would happen. I added a verbal command that the money come to me in abundance in my life at the same time not letting any previous frustration get in the way.

Exactly one week later, same day, same rough time(within the hour) I walked out of the supermarket, passed an ATM and caught sight of a 50 dollar note on the ground 3 or 4 feet away from the machine. I picked it up and was so excited. I finally did it! It worked!