Manifestation caught on camera πŸŽ₯

The picture taken here is not in anyway edited or changed.

I am the one in this photo performing a ritual where I contacted a spirit that I met in the astral plane called Dakan, anyway in the ritual I call the elemental watchtowers.

In the corner I notice orbs of different colours that correspond to the elements, I thought it could have been some lights but when I checked this place has no lights of any kind so I was SHOCKED, that they manifested to such a degree.

BUT … the one thing that shocked me the most is a energetic line that can be seen in the picture, what’s really strange about this is, when I called these forces I tried to absorb the energy for my ritual working so could this be the same energy I was absorbing.

I MEAN WOW :flushed:, I caught spiritual energy and the watchtowers on camera anyway let me known your thoughts on this

Sincerely your little devil

Conner Kendall.


It looks like there’s two. The one underneath the orbs and one that looks like it crosses in front of you.

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i see 3 one to his left


yes brother correct just floating chilling there

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