Manifestation bases

I have yet to watch through the videos, i’m still on the Inverted Pentagram exercise and taking this one step at a time.

Having said that, I’m looking through the workbook now and came across the coles notes for manifestation bases.

In the past i have tried burning incense sticks and cones but that comes up with nowhere near as much smoke as i thought was necessary to conjure a spirit to visible appearance. I once found a grimoire that suggested burning a whole copy of the book and that gave a lot more smoke but still not enough, the smoke wasn’t thick enough.

I’m watching a video on youtube ( that shows how to make thick smoke from potassium nitrate and powdered sugar mixed into melted wax and the smoke is THICK and it’s safe to breathe in.

Would this be a reasonable alternative to using copal resin incense as a base? Or is copal resin better fr spiritual purposes or other reasons?

Why go through the trouble of creating this concoction when you can get copal resin and charcoal for fairly cheap online and delivered to your doorstep. I have a feeling you are over thinking things a bit. Stick with copal; it’s quick, effective , cheap and easy.