Manifestation and Blocks

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I just watched a youtube video with Akelta Wilde, from Satan and Suns called ''Manifesting Your Desires With Demons, which brought up something, that in my rush to master evocation, invocation etc. I’ve completely overlooked. Vis., becoming aware of, and removing blocks that stand in the way of demonic assistance and communication.

Blocks such as guilt, shame, unworthiness. Has anyone got examples of carrying out such work? I’m specifically interested in the identification process and what you do to remove these blocks. Is it done with contemplation, shadow-work, the assistance of spirits or a combination of the above?

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Blocks like those are common and yet great stumbling blocks for all magicians.

It is why, in classic material, ‘knowing yourself’ - meditation - thought watching - becoming the observer - the creation of soul mirrors - the general practice of self-reflection and striving to find a balance of mind is imperative before you begin big magical workings or undertaking. All those techniques help with the same course of action, and can be found in many systems worth their salt.

These require you to look at yourself. Truly. Honestly. Brutally.

Thats all it takes. A willingness to look inward and be honest with yourself about yourself. Its a continual, ongoing, unfolding and examination of your being. Once you start, its never quite done. Something else always pops up, like a hydra.

Good habits and being consistent with yourself will help in this process.

I have done most of my work solo, but there has been a time where I did not even realize I was grieving until I summoned a spirit. They helped me move past a death that occurred nearly 20 years ago, and it was truly freeing.

To answer your question: most of this work relies on you and your honesty about yourself and your own situation. Spirits are able to help you come to a head and point out issues, but they are unable to release you from binds that you yourself created. They can only nod to their existence. Its up to you to take that step forward, and that alone takes great courage.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of soul mirrors. That’s new to me, but I’ll definitely look into it. Interesting you should mention grief. Several times in my life, when I thought I’d dealt with the deaths of family members and friends, something emerges to show me I might not have processed as much grief as I thought I did. I’m glad you brought that up.

Soul Mirrors are part of Franz Bardons work. A cornerstone of his methods. You literally start making one in Step 1 and continue to use it throughout the whole pathworking. Initiation into Hermetics is a fascinating read, but keep in mind, the extreme examples the author uses is to denote ‘mastery’ of what he is trying to teach. They also might be blatant exaggeration, to incite drama and tickle the imagination. Most will not reach that level, but they sure are interesting results to strive for. I do not know, for I am nowhere near that level xD


Thank you, Jesss. This is the kind of explanation I need. When this post says the Goetic spirits give in spades to the right person, I take it that means the person without any blocks, correct?

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Yup. That’s a book I still have to get. The price always put me off in the past, but thinking back, I probably spent more money on grimoires. A case of putting the cart before the horse.

I got my copy for like 20 bucks?

Its much more affordable than other magical books.

You might want to look into The Middle Pillar by Israel Regardie. Can get it for like 20 bucks, or like 17 for kindle. I like his thoughts on the occult symbolism in rituals such as the QC, LBRP, and the Middle Pillar. The instruction in that book is down to earth and practical. I have been more than happy with it, and have used those rituals more than the methods of Bardon to be honest.

I’m intrigued by what you said about Israel Regardie’s book. I’ve seen it on Amazon, but honestly I didn’t think it would apply to me (I can be like that when I see a RHP book, I tend to dismiss it as not of much use to me). Does the work in the ‘Middle Pillar’ deal with blockages/inner work? Forgive my ignorance.

The thing I like about the book is that it tends towards more of energic sort of working of the rituals. With a solid understanding of the symbols of the rituals and the archetypes that they are calling on, he even goes as far to suggest one can freely modify the rituals with whatever symbols they so choose. They are just energetic wells. His open mindedness towards the modification of the rituals is what really got me. The book even has a few examples including:

Egyptian Banishing ritual of the pentagram
Greek BRP
Gaelic BRP

How to use the Middle Pillar for charging, healing, etc, etc. (and if you know how to heal, you can def. harm)

The playfulness of the book along with the deep understanding of the symbols driving the rituals will encourage one to experiment and take risks by breaking away from the ‘established’ structure of these old well known rituals, and turning them into something you, as a practitioner, can resonate with.

Idk it is inspiring. Then to see the book was written in the 1930s xD The dude was onto something, and he references many sources of occult knowledge. More than once does he mention the Golden Flower and connections to yogic and eastern ideas. I found really an enjoyable read because of that.

Hm, all I can say is that I too dismissed books because they are “RHP” and ‘didnt apply to me’ but the majority of occult books worth their salt are also RHP. There is nothing wrong with learning about what the other side has, and then tweaking it to your own means? You don’t need dogma about god and always doing the best for humanity, but you can glimpse on the energetic exercise studied by their magicians and use it to your advantage as well. Stripped of preconceived moral notions.

You might be surprised what you find, and start connecting dots.

Then again I am a huge nerd xD and have far too many books haha I love reading, learning, expanding my knowledge on this ‘stuff’. Its even better once you start putting it into practice, and are like :open_mouth: this has more merit than I thought. I know I have been surprised.


Shadow work
And understanding chakras, blocks and emotions get stored there

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Chakra work was my first thought. I know my lower three are not as strong as they should be. I gave too much attention to Ajna, and not enough to the lower ones.

You’re right. When you look at the origins of the term Left Hand Path, it’s not exactly how we describe it today. Madame Blavatsky has a lot to answer for. I’ll have a look at the Middle Pilar as well.