Manifestation and appearance

Hey, folks. I hope you all are safe and healthy, pandemic or not.
I’m just curious about something. I’m still quite new to the LHP (or magic in general) and invoking the Goetic spirits. My correspondences have varied from no real indication of a presence to a major physical and psychological shift in myself and the milieu. It’s probably no surprise that when the presence of a demon is felt that strongly, the result I’m seeking usually immediate and profound. However, I never get the sense of any sort of humanoid, anthropomorphic, or other physical representation (except in the case of Sallos, whose image instantly flashes in my mind as an elderly bald man in gold and red robes). The spirits I commune with are typically sexless, except for the aforementioned Sallos. Haagenti definitely had a hemaphroditic energy, but Dantalion–even though purported to be multifaceted and pansexual–manifested as completely asexual. But mostly, these presences appear to me as any number of the following: flashes of color and/or sound, feelings and emotions, memories and scenarios yet to happen, and parallel versions of myself and the spirit in real time, yet doing something else in a different setting. (That last example is difficult to explain. Astral travel, maybe?)
Does anyone else experience spirits in a more abstract fashion?

I’ve had experiences with both actually. Some spirits appear in a very “solid” form where others are in that more abstract form you mention. For example, Beur comes in the form of a Middle Eastern woman to me, yet Beelzebub has manifested as an engulfing shadow with an intense, slow building presence. Then we have Satan, who does not have any form, but a sensation of a strong heat and pressure on my chest the few times I tried to work with him (i would not say it is fear or resistance but something for me to explore more in the future).

As to why that is the case, I think it depends on the individual and the spirit we are talking about. There could be psychological/symbolic aspects on our end as well as their personal preferences.


Interesting images. And you make a great point: the conjurer’s respective state of mind–whether consciously or subconsciously–has everything much to do with it. When I called upon Haagenti, I really needed help kicking my 30-year shitty marriage to cigarettes. Therefore, I needed the “motherly” energy to cradle and forgive while I went through the emotional withdrawal; yet I also needed a “male” energy to kick my ass like a gunnery sergeant. It worked. For the first time in 30 years, it worked.