Manifest faster with Hent’yos

Azazel instructed me to call upon Hent’yos to manifest my rituals faster as he can raise the vibration rate of anything including physical matter, to my understanding this can be applied to the vibrational rate of your will. Let’s say a binding if someone or money spells. I called him Thursday, With the request to enhance all my previous manifestations. So I’ll wait to see results. I know he can heal mental and physical ailments but Has anyone else worked with him on specifically manifesting for faster results?


I have no idea, but here you go a bump

Perhaps it would be more efficient to ask him for a pós-ritual incantation to this function.

Isen’t Hent’yos a demoness?

I belive Hent’yos is wery powerful.

I belive she can empower your works.

Pls let us know how it goes.