Managing energies from sigil tattoo

I try not to post stupid questions- after all many things have already been asked & the search button yeilds many things!

So, I’ve been considering a sigil tattoo. King Paimon has been sending me visions on and off for over 20years, and so I am considering his sigil yo aid me in my path.

As suggested in prior threads i am trialling it by wearing a drawn on sigil to feel how it will work.

A couple of nights ago I called on Belial for some specific thing. He came, and so did King Paimon (it did make me laugh, he made his prescence known to me by the music he was listening to - as if he were just sat observing!) Which is all good

My question- i feel really really zapped from having the 2 demons active with me at once, i could barely meditate the next day. If i go ahead with the tattoo I can obviously expect King Paimon to show up alot, will I get better at managing the energy as I get used to it, or can I always expect to be wiped out?

I have looked in to the practicality & dangers of the actual tattooing… its just this energy flow I’m after advice for :blush:


SMART MOVE. Not long ago, I walked into a tattoo shop and the overriding impulse to get tatted took hold of me. I wanted one, ended up with two, both ended up a bit more occult than I originally intended. After the tattoo healed, I had a spell of ‘blegh’ and felt off balance, discordant. Following that, skin started breaking out and uh, not looking so hot around the tattoo. So now it’s time to do a little focussed healing and adjust to things

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Work deeply, even partial possession, with the spirit beforehand to get in synch with them and their energy. This is a lifetime commitment, pretty much, so IMO only do it if you’re clear what the gains are for you and mades sure that the spirit has sworn to uphold their side and deliver them, with a spiritual witness to this, on a contract basis.


The triangled eye was an impulse on both the artist and my end. Forgive the fading and bandages, hasnt been touched up and haven’t resolved my situation just yet



Thanks, my original intro on the forum was kinda hasty, since I’ve picked up my tools alot has been coming back to me… far more than i realised I’d forgotten… I’m confident that he has been working with me, but kind of on a back burner, everything I’ve wanted in live I’ve been given… right up to things I’m not even comfortable to share here, and its time i acknowledged that and refocused. My life is my own again & I’m ready for the path!

I guess after not using these sences for so long they are just weak!