Mammon and Gamaliel - are they somehow related

I have a rite that mentions Mammon and Gamaliel in the same passage - are they somehow connected or ?
The passage is:
Io Mammon - Drakon Anabaino Gamalielim

Also, when you read things about Gamaliel it seems as they have similar strengths as far as gifts of abundance are concerned.

Anyone have any info on this?

I am really trying to connect and make some progress with Mammon - I am ready to move forward but seem to be stuck.

Maybe the money that Mammon gives can allow people to take Gamaliel stuff to Malkuth, who knows :roll_eyes:

I stepped up my ritual to Mammon today by putting some dabs of my blood on his sigil - a little while later after I released him into the world I heard in my head “I’ve got you now”. Not sure how to take that comment as I’ve the situation or I’ve got you as in literal. The was the first time I’ve used blood on a sigil as my request was a bit urgent. Didn’t feel anything different afterwards, just had the comment come into my head.

I used to put my blood on Haagenti’s sigil and my familiar cat died anyway, so don’t think you move them by doing that. As Asenath Mason teaches, the blood has more to do with how the symbolism affects your brain, if someone is, for example, a surgeon, seeing blood won’t do shit.
As for what you heard, that’s none of my business.