Mamam Brigitte, a great healer and a protector

I have had a chronic pain in my thorax and a part of my back since november 2019, doctors said it was costochondritis but well they never gave me a real solution to that problem. Sometimes I was suffering such a intense pain that I just didn’t know what to do. All I tried to stop the pain didn’t work. A month ago, I began to call Mamam Brigitte, loa of the dead, I just told her about my pain, I didn’t really do anything else at all, I also asked her to teach me and guide me, to open my path to seership and omniscience.

I am really amazed, I have no words to thank Mamam Brigitte, she healed me, that terrible pain is gone. Thanks Mamam Brigitte , I am really very grateful.

She’s also a great protector, I have asked her to protect my mom and myself. Mamam Brigitte is amazing.

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