Malzaz Hyroth and the UC

After searching the all the threads of Malzaz Hyroth, I have recognized a common factor centered around MH. attached to the UC. ( How is he attached? ) Besides Mr Koettings first announcement, when he told all of us to use blood and trace over the words of the circle to activate it, some of you did and some of you didn’t! I didn’t. Then after additional research and study, it was further recognized and suggested that the language on the circle belong to the Nabatean civilization, “remember” especially back in the spring time May 10th some of us did the ritual. including the offering with incense, but how, is Malzaz Hyroth attached to a piece of fabric, I say? Is it suggestion, belief, or sleight of hand. I’ve always been aware of a spot on my UC, ever since I got it. What is that mark,I asked myself? Then it dawned on me, it’s oil. Yep that’s it. He’s attached by a special annointing of spirit oil. On my UC I can see the application area. Its a Dab of magically charged spirit oil. I don’t know if you can find it on your Circle but I know where its at on Mine!!