Male (solo) sexuality and shielding

I’ll start this one off from a rather funny / awkward comment that Eric dropped on The Portal episode 23 when discussing human hypocrisy, compartmentalization, and our need to contain certain things in their relevant domains:

“For example you can say that self-gratification is natural and normal and that the world engages in this almost without exception. You cannot say 'I’m sorry I was late for the meetings - I spent the morning lost in Onanism”.

Engaging in Onanism isn’t a bad way to put it. As a guy, especially a white guy (for some reason I’ve heard this doesn’t distribute evenly - like suicide - and I’d be interested in hearing why), it’s quite likely that one would be engaging in some degree of this well into their 60’s and that’s with or without a sexual partner.

The question is - if you know that you can draw neg attacks with this, I’m not just postulating that but I’m saying one has had enough dicey 1:00 AM wake-ups and received mental manipulations to discover that it’s not a no-risk activity, is there a routine shielding that tells said entities that the meal’s behind Kevlar-treated glass and that they’re not getting a bite?

Mind you - sometimes people do want to have exchanges with succubi, with various members of demonic hierarchies (probably much less shady in that case), and that’s fine but like anything else there’s an invitation, a ritual, license to depart, and if you’ve got something hanging on you 24/7/365 and it’s subtle enough that you can’t tell your own thoughts or urges anymore from its suggestions - you’re in trouble, so I figure it’s really best not to have unknown/unnamed guests hanging about as that can end badly.


(edit: there’s some possibility this is kundalini awaking and, if so, that’s possibly even more of a potential issue)

Why is kundalini awakening a more potential issue

Positive feedback loops. Something Manly P Hall warned about.

Said a bit more plainly - it’s like channeling ducks. Have a particular kind of dirty fantasy, kundalini likes it because it seems to like everything sexual, so it adds to the momentum, without correction that could lead to someone registering as a sex offender.

Oh shit…didnt think of that
Well, on has, to learn how to tame himself/herself…
I mean,… Nothings impossible right?

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Definitely true.

I think the risk as a guy in either scenario with the primary gene coding to go out and sow seed - drive isn’t something that can really be switched off and thus it’s a constant vulnerability to pragmatism from the unseen world.

It always sounds like a goofy topic but the more one really thinks about occultism not being fantasy - this is one of those Achilles heel areas that needs attention.

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Yes definitely needs to be neutralised…i think using magic to get human concubines would probably be the best, route

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Concubines with a lot of time on their hands for sure.

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