Male demon lover (need advise please)

hey there, I was wondering if anyone can give me some advise on a male demon whos been living with me for 7 months now :slight_smile: hes almost 2500 years old and hes very sweet and caring tbh his name is malachi. one night he got mad at another male demon and threatened him by saying “touch her and you die”… I don’t know what he meant by that phrase tho… hes marked me 6 months ago.
what he looks like–> so he’s a warrior type he is 6’4 ft tall, has red crimson dark eyes with slitted pupils he has scaly red skin he looks reptilian with a snout like a reptile and with razor sharp teeth appearing out of his jaws he has human like hands with sharp long claws and has a tail his ears are pointed and has a small earing on them he is muscular and slim he has no hair tho he wears armor and he has human like feet with claws and he stands upright like a human and has big bat like wings

??? I’m pretty sure that phrase speaks for itself. Don’t know why you wouldn’t understand what that meant :roll_eyes:


I mean idk tbh… like hes been becoming overly protective of me lately

Do you have a photo of him by chance?

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of malachi? no I don’t I wish I could see him tho, I knew what he looked like cause he described it to me while posessing a friend of mine over the phone

Have you considered just asking him why he’s been overly protective of you? It might help clear the air.

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no I haven’t…

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I just fixed the spelling in “please” for ya :+1:

Anyway, yeah you should consider trying to talk to him and seeing whats up. If he’s feeling something for you, he should be open to speaking.


I mean we cuddled and he held me

and how can I tell if hes in heat?

I ended up having sleep paralysis this morning and a night mare idk why

Unfortunately I don’t know who this is. But! Let me tell you a few things at least my point of view.

There is thousands and thousands of different demons and beings that exist here and beyond here. Some are well known such as the 72 of Geisha or ones that survived the lore and stories. But that in it self is a small small fraction of beings out there. So the one that you are seeing maybe one those that simply exist outside of our knowledge and there’s nothing wrong with that! In fact to see such love to me always makes me giggle :slight_smile:

Now to answer your other questions. Trust me…if he wants something like that you WILL know. :joy: So the last bit of advice I give to you is, find ways to communicate with him. Try and understand and learn as much about him as you would anyone you want to spend the rest of your life with (maybe longer). But most of all just trust him. If he honestly had other intentions it be obvious by now. He does have feelings for you.

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i know he does but idk why tho :frowning: he did cuddle me and hold me last night while I was in pain

and my name is mariam im 18 years old ntmy :slight_smile:

and my friend’s male demon saw malachi one day and told me that he has a septum nose piercing… but Malachi’s nose is a snout like a crocodile’s… idk how thats possible ;-;

I personally don’t base it off visual too much because the mind fills in the gaps of how they want something to look or perceive. So just because you see something one way doesn’t mean others perceive them the same way.

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what do u mean?

How see perceive what a demon looks like might be the face they show you and they might look different for others. I don’t depend on visuals with demons or angels.

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I know, I mean the demon who lives with my friend… he saw malachi, but malachi never revealed himself to me… he told me what he looked like while possessing my friend he used to live with

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currently where is the friend he used to live with ?

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