Male being in mettalic green

IN 87 A TALL MALE BEING CLOTHED IN METTALIC GREEN STArTED TO MANIFEST IN MY BEDROOM AWAKEING ME IN THE NIGHT .he radiated a lot of light in one apperance he was carrying a mettalic blue cobra .this cobra struck my left arm the venom was ice cold like a dentist injection then burned red hot i was in agony.after this sexual powers went very high and the power of sexual attraction increased and i had a lot of heat at the base of the spine .in one excample a female was kissing her boyfriend i focused upon her she left him and sat by my side but could not remember how she got girlfriend and i was on a very long sex session and at the four hour stage her kisses felt very cold and tasted of milk .then this mettalic green being enterd her body he looked upon me as if i was a mere speck of dust.i became very nervous and stopped.when this being left her body she said she felt fantastic .for days afterwards she was very males.has any one any ideas of whom or whaht this being is ?