Mal here, hey there, all. :)

Hey, everybody, Malik here or Lu, if you prefer.

I’m a longtime practicing witch, here for the first time and biting the hook from E.A.'s youtube. It’s amazing how long one can be online and a stone’s throw from so many kindred spirits without any idea. I look forward to the discourse with you all!

So, a bit about me. I’m a twenty-whatever of no strong gender affiliation living in Northern Utah. In the everyday I work as a blacksmith-bladesmith and artisan craftsperson. I take long walks late in the night, blend my own teas, and run a weekly RPG night at my house. I love to cook. I have a book addiction.

Metaphysically speaking, I practice Familiar Witchcraft, under various masks and trappings. I briefly grew up in a very religious household, and so have leaned heavily on energy work and spirit-travel from somewhat early on in my practice.
On the other hand, I MAKE things, so these days I create ritual tools for others and for sale in local shops.

I’m chatty, so feel free to reach out. I don’t bite.
Well, that’s a lie. I very much bite. But I promise you’ll enjoy it. XD


I dunno why I got hyped with this :smile:

You mate, sure know how to rock an intro :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Welcome to our forum. We are all lifetime students here :dizzy_face:
Feel free to bombard our community with questions, but please ensure that you have searched for it first. There are a LOT of answers out there… You feel like you’ve come up with a pretty good question only to find that it’s already been asked in the forum 2 years ago :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Hope we can help each other.
Be at peace :black_heart::metal:


Ha! Why, thank you. A good story keeps a heartbeat in the world.
I do tend toward lurking about and weighing in on discussions, more than hunting answers.
And blacksmithing is naturally exciting, of course. :wink: I teach part-time at a blacksmithing school, and we work with the University of Utah through their non-accredited community education program.

Thanks for the warm welcome, mate.


Hey welcome to the forum, happy lurking :grinning:


Welcome Mal :laughing:

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Welcome and enjoy the forum.

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Hey, Malik, you sound awesome. Glad you’re here.


Welcome aboard Malik, glad to have you here. I like your energy. :upside_down_face:


Lol idk if I’m on balg or tinder​:joy::joy::joy::joy: swipe right or left lol just kidding welcome home lu we are so happy to have you here feel free to look around or ask questions


Welcome @MalikLucius.

How long have you walked your current path?

That depends on how you would define “current”, I suppose. Energy work and trafficking with entities of one sort or another has been central to my practice since the beginning, about 15 years ago.
Spirit flight has been consistently involved the past ten, while I’ve settled “entities” into familiar sorcery over the past five or so years.

Those things are consistent, but I’ve drifted through Kemetic, Celtic, and Asatruar currents on that walk.

@DarkestKnight, how about yourself?

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Ha! True, though. In my experience, spiritual discussion is more intimate by far that Tinder, in a lot of ways. :laughing:

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Thank you for elucidating a bit more :slight_smile:

I’m going on twenty years now. I’ve walked through Chaos Magick, Hermetics, Enochian and Golden Dawn. My current path is based on the system of EA Koetting and focused mainly on evocation. Once I got my hands on his book Works of Darkness back in 2005 or so, I’ve never looked back.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Yes they are your itro is very funny and intriguing to say the least lol how ever least avoided tinder all together shall we and speak on spritually what kind of magic are you into or looking to learn?

EA’s work really intrigues me. The overall goal of human ascension really hits my groove, but the feel of a lot of Goetic and Qlippothic currents don’t really grab me. I tend toward intuitive invocation over circle and ceremony, but I’ve been considering picking up his complete works.

Chaos magick has always struck me very much like a modern folk magick- the play’s the thing, so to speak. The specific tool or symbol you use doesn’t matter- it’s a symbol, and the energy works the same regardless. Very interesting.

Thanks very much for the chat, @DarkestKnight. I’m sure I’ll catch you around. :grinning:

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I think Traditional Witchcraft and Familiar Sorcery sums my practice up the best, at the moment. I prefer to work directly with the indwelling spirits of the things and places I inhabit, and focus on maintaining those relationships. I don’t have much use for tools, these days, or circles.

Been a long time since last I did a pathworking, but I’m about to begin a pathworking of Hecate, provided that she’ll have me. How about you?

Hello, we’re happy to have you. May you grow in power just like we are.