Making your Blessings & Curses Count

For some of you, flexing your magick muscles maybe easy, but here’s a video I stumbled upon.

How Your Thoughts, Words, & Intention Affect Physical Things!
! No longer available
Maybe something you guys can use for target practice?

How rotten can you turn your rice?
The quicker the better!

Feel free to post anything that can be used for target practice.

I’m guessing it’s against the rules to post a picture of an actual person that you all can practice on? LOL Cause I got one right now that’s gonna get it. Would be nice to have other people fuck with her too. Hehehe!

I’ve charged water with my own energy and when i drank it,the taste was weird.Like i was drinking blood or metal.The etheric magnet of the water is the easiest to work with.