Making Women Orgasmic

I want to know if anyone else has this ability.
I can think about fingering a girl that I like for a few minutes… Then she suddenly starts moaning under her breath, then she tenses up and starts trembling as she has a massive orgasm just out of the blue. Afterwards she looks around. Not knowing what just hit her. Other times I will just think about a girls clitoris and infuse ing it with pink energy and she will Orgasm. I’ve been doing this forever. Any other sorcerers or warlocks able to do the same?


Dude😂I do that like every day,I just imagine us doing anything sexual and the girl can’t stop looking at me. It’s pretty fun🙂

When you fuck a girl in the first dimension and afterwards she is so turned on and attracted to you that she fucks you in this reality is one of the main reasons why I love magic so much :grin::smiling_imp::flushed::grin: !!!

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  1. Be attractive

  2. Don’t be unattractive

That’s all the magic ya need.


Always the cynic, eh? :laughing:


Of course.

Once you stop being anthropocentric and see that people say they want X, but then start doing things to get Y which is opposite of X, you realize people are full of shit.

Or that they value X, but secretly value Y, which is opposite of X.

That feeling when you realize humans lie more than demons. Way more.


Oh I know they do :laughing: I’ve learned, brother


I’m GETTING this vibe Dude that you’re a charter member of the never touched a titty club. You need to grow a pair and move out yo MAMA’S. BASEMENT. Dude you’ve been warned !!!:smiling_imp::smiling_imp:



And I’m getting vibes that you’re a pussy-thirsty mangina who would sacrifice his self-esteem for any random girl you encounter.

If you’re an American, I do hope you end up getting falsely accused of rape.

The Lords of Hell look down upon you.


And that’s enough of that chaps - not sure why the derailment, but one insult begs another, and on it goes.