Making wishes

I just need a place to compile all my thoughts on a project, related to making wishes. I am gonna dump some experiments here and hopefully i’ll get something good out of it. I first need a reliable method to make wishes and have them succeed. I think I have one from a being I created a long time ago with some magick I don’t understand, and I assimilated that being’s capabililities recently. Regardless, I’m of the belief I hold capacity to “make wishes”. and just sort of make them come true. Problem is tons of barriers are up in me I wanna get rid of. I’m gonna work at it here.

I did a little magick to make this work out. I’m gonna do it now.


But your wishes or others wishes? Are you able to grant success? :slight_smile:

First things first, I get a headache trying to use this. IT feels like it just doesn’t compute, it is stuck in my mind. To loosen it up, or almost “bridge the gap”, I need to become more open to the idea, its a sort of computational error. Then I need to practice the paradigm. I’ll do this over the course of my experimentation

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I thought about it for a little bit. This doesn’t really make sense.

I thought wishes would be somehow more powerful than just “doing”. There’s a certain simplicity, that when applied fulfills any idea. Making wish is making a petition. Simply doing is of life, and the more simply and devoid of extrenuous labels it is, the better.

Words are exclusive, doing is entire.

I need to take it out of its distortion, that is all. Form and power interplay through nature

As I do this, I become less desiring. I don’t want much. There are innate pulls, however. Like those of union and immense attraction. I wonder how I can mix them.

I held on to the idea that when I got to the bottom of complete emptiness, the sort of power that removes desire, I pushed it to make a perfect fusion of the state of being and the other state. I feel paradoxically like me and empty and devoid.

Unfortunately it’s not complete. I don’t know what to do from here

Sometimes when I feel lack of desire, it kind of takes anyway incentive to not do it. In a weird way, the fact that I’d just give up and probably not spend that time doing anything else immediately productive makes it seem like I might as well finished what I started, so at least I can say I saw it through.

If there’s nothing else you don’t want to be doing, and you don’t want to be doing nothing, then what’s the harm in continuing to do this one thing you don’t want to be doing?

Not sure if that’s the kind of help you were looking for. To be honest, I don’t know anything at all about the bottom of complete emptiness or how to push past it. I’m just a small town girl with big city dreams.

I’ll think deeper into it

I feel useless

““As you wish””

So, the question I have to ask is, “can an all being being, act”
Yes. Yes they can. I was told, and I was experiencing, that it was functionally impossible, and yet I have broken reality before. I don’t know how much force I would need to achieve it, but I must make those laws null, or work beyond them.