Making the most of the Universal Circle

Just ordered a Universal Circle. Any tips, best practices, or essential ideas you might share related to using it?

How have you used the circle in conjunction with Malzaz Hyroth?


Malzaz Hyroth and I are good friends.

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Sit or stand inside of it is always a good idea. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, once you have it, charging it with some of your blood as you chant the incantation “Alash Tad Al-Ash Tal Ashtu” to get the full effect, clockwise or counterclockwise whichever seems right to you, it’s important to try to feel it coming alive as much as your able, that’s it’s not just something to sit on anymore but an open living gateway to everything, literally the center of the the universe, because you using blood it’s now bound to you for all times, so be somewhat discriminant who if any you choose to let step in it. you can also masturbate on it to get a similar effect, but all in all blood is better.

Malzaz Hyroth gives excellent information and advice on all most any spirit you can think of, everything from what direction you should face during an evocation, what incense is best to use, what if any other elements to bring into a ritual, if it’s best to be outside or inside, what you should say, how you should act around the spirit etc,etc.

He’s also a bit of a smartass at times but so am i, so we work well together, also he can teach you how to use the symbols on the circle on there own like runes or sigils, (haven’t gotten around to it yet, so much to do so little time.)


I have a Universal circle i have had for about 3 months now i never knew anything about any incarnation i had to chant when i anoint it with my own blood which i didn’t say incantation i wouldn’t get anything out of masturbation that doesn’t work because that organ has nearly completely shut down, i have now completely got no sex drive at all completely dead it is a hose now because now i am about 48 years old i am to old to be with a female anyway so i asked a demonic entity to completely make me completely baron as an exchange for all the knowledge of the pit and the destructive darkness that existed before creation since i never lost my virginity ever in my life and never been w ith a female hottie in my 20s and now i am nearly 48 in July this i say fuck them all i prefer to swear aleagence to Satan and all his works and all the powers of darkness and Hell and all the Demon worlds, and fuck ending up with a ugly female or ending up with a nagging old bag as i am nearly 50 years old and still a virgin, it is to expensive to have a family i am single and proud of it fuck what the Bible back of school say when i was in year 9 go forth and multiply screw the Bible i don’t want to raise children in my 50s so they don’t have to experience school bullies i would have to become Warlocks using bainful magic to destroy school yard bullies.

Ummm…calm down a little. First, i dont see why you couldnt be with a female if you wanted to. Im no spring chic. But if i want a man I will damn sure get one.
But i get where your coming from as far as not marrying or having kids. I do have to deal with bullies, abusive boyfriends and asshole teachers. (Yes i realize there are good ones)
But the assholes ruin it.
My point is be who you wanna be. But do it because you want to not because its a
And I wont marry because I will be damned if a man is gonna rule over me like a dictator. Been there done that.



Thank-you arianna your welcome, i have something i would like to share i went on Amazon, and they sell Kek idols premordial God of Darkness.


Sweet :candy:! !

:point_up: There are many other videos E.A. Koetting has put out on the UC as well, and the incantation is directly tied to the circle, when i get something new i like at the very least to glance over the instructions once on how best to use it, as i don’t know everything, sad as that is. :cry:

I never said you had to use the incantation, i said if you want the full effect, and i stand by that comment.
also never said you must masturbate on it i said you can. “Can” and “Must” very different concepts.

You sound remarkably like a couple of catholic priests and islamic imams i have known, they are quite bitter about their wee-wee’s as well and always so eager to take it out on all the whores and sinners that surround them, but whatever, your life, your body, your choice, make of it what you like, i care not, but your never to old to do anything, never to old to start doing anything until your dead, then it’s a little hard to get it up, or so i’m told. :thinking:


I’ve seen a couple of videos Mr Koetting has made about the UC, but not that one. Thanks.

I have also read all threads but it is always interesting to hear experiences from those who have run a product through its paces.


Guess what arianna, i was having a look at all the different wallpapers people use to wallpaper there homes i notice some wallpaper but not every type of wallpaper, apparently i notice that i have the ability to see demons in the patterns in some wallpapers but not all, and i was learning the incarnation Alash tad Alash tal ashtu reciting it 100s of times over and over trying to sink it in my memory, so i can remember it of by heart which it is really exciting then continue to do some research on google until 1 am then go and practice black arts through a pentagram with 5 Satanic binary symbols i came up with myself which it has the power to folding space it actually has the power to fold space around me reasons are unknown i have created something that when i use the inverted pentagram with 5 satanic binary symbols the room seems to change very slowly and it seems to start to bring demons i have never heard of which know one knows about and i can sit there keep going and actually hear them they have a very unique sound like a sound of a street cleaner like a floor polisher like sound of polisher machine going over a lino floor starts to come into my home then it goes back out to a distance and still hear it, the star does let me know like a visions letting me have a idea you know the place people take there car to the car wash when you see the car going though see those tall brushes spinning around with really long brushes that is the type of description of the type of demon i am dealing with that these pentagram are bringing forth from a place in hell, i practice for 50 minutes, then i went to bed when i was a sleep i was speaking to demons that looks like furniture then i got out of bed walled out of the bedroom walled towards the back door i wondering what am i doing out of bed eyes were open start heading back to bed and i woke up and i thought i went soul travelling i was lying in bed demons walking out of my bedroom told me i went soul travelling i went back to sleep i went to a place looked like a door looked like a entrance to a treatment plant and passage way like public restroom didn’t get far turned two corners sounded like a spillway opened up can hear passage was being flooded i start to run back same way i came there was no exit the exit was not there then woke up 8:50 am in morning.

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Oh wow. Thats an experience for sure. You should maybe keep a journal.

I can really get really off tap, but awesome i do have to tread carefully i don’t cross a line when messing around with the black pentagram i find its really easy to use and be a roller coaster ride into terror remember Hell raiser we have such sights to show you i am not to scream at all when it takes me to Hell screaming is forbidden in Hell it always happen when i am i bed when going to Hell and it always happen like years ago i practice black pentagram ats at 9 pm for 3 hours straight went to bed find myself in Hell somewhere looks just like the city of Adelaide yes Hell Mirrors Earth, i went to this really long building 500 meters long with arches went into a demonic book store i was told which way to go now there is a metal lift go inside lift there is a very thick build up of ice and get really freakish takes me down lift opened up big area and the smell smells like going in a abattoir demons taking these bodies out of vehicle i was told don’t heng around move it do some work hear look over to right of me a head demons working with souls being cut up internal organs taken out being put into large bins good organs in one bad into another screams told go over there at own risk can work there if you wont may never be heard of doesn’t mean they do anything to you may mean never be able to leave Hell go over to left work with occultist in Hell don’t be lazy there so i head over there i remember seeing a Lucifer looking demon pushing a shopping trolley with a chopped up soul see entrails in trolley walled passed head over to other work area saw someone didn’t do there job properly demons came over with machete dragged worker away he got carved up i sore demon supervisor told me to work there on convayor to wait for souls then i left at end of shift head back to lift had trouble leaving Hell don’t worry demons were not after me they were looking have me back but warned me do not make errors when using the pentagram and we will be waiting for you after death that was the most scaryist shit i ever experience the pentagram showed me when i am asleep also i ordered a copy of the black magic of Ahriman the $149 leather one, i was going to wait for August and if i did they would most likely be all sold out, did you order one to.

Before i forget can’t design pentagram any old how demons will go really ape shit it has got to be designed really spot on and i find star draw 8" ring outer ring 240 mm so fit 5 Satanic binary symbols inside double rings in correctly be very carefull don’t make a mistake or end up like me once a long time ago taken to Hell get hung on hooks and end up get stripped to the bones as a reminder not to make mistake now i rarely make errors should try it while stoned after smoking 5 cones of the highest grade of pot one cone after another load next cone while holding in lung expel smoke then go again then go in pentagram looks really trippy when stoned i find i go into a trance when i use pentagram stoned but can’t get stoned anymore people refuse to sell me pot.

My Universal Circle is arriving today.

It will be interesting to work with it.

This evening I will meditate within it and see if I am able to make contact with Malzaz Hyroth.


I already have one they are really awesome the Universal circle and it really works to anoint it with your own blood my brother but when i anointed mine with my own blood al ash Tad ash tal ash tu the incarnation i didn’t know i had to but it still works just fine when i finish using it i carefully neatly fold it up using same fold marks and put it back in plastic bag to look after it to keep it clean for next use and keep it out of the sun so the black doesn’t fade, do you know how we purchase universal circle from Become a living God for 197 dollars someone is selling There’s on ebay for over 600 dollars.


Hi,can you explain to me how to anoint the circle with blood, sorry more and why I did not know it!

Yes i usually get a sharp pin to prick my finger then to bleed then go over each symbol of the universal circle so i mark my territory so it doesn’t work for anyone else or if i don’t bleed enough i use a very sharp raser blade carefully so i don’t cut to deep That i don’t end up with stitches i usually choose a finger that i don’t use very often the one i don’t use for lifting things.


@Bowling270 Thank you very much for the information, it was a great help

My pleasure.

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I am wondering if the universal needs to be oriented in a certain way in relation to the cardinal directions? Are the sigils in any manner supposed to be oriented directionally?