Making the body perfect

I have heard several times now that one of the first major steps in not just magic, but in most spiritual systems, is making the body perfect. How are the quickest and most effective ways this is done? Yoga, nutrition and fasting, exercise, meditation and music, sound frequencies, ritual, internal alchemy? I do some yoga daily, massage myself, get minimal exercise. I do juice and herb fasts with super food and protein powder, eating very little during these times. It seems to be coming along, but i would love to speed up the process. How much yoga, stretching, exercise vs. food, and fasting should one do, generally speaking? What yoga techniques are the most powerful, in your experience? doing a total water and vitamin fast? Can I get there without How will music and “sound frequency chakra balancing” assist? Are there rituals you can recommend for making the body perfect, specifically any from The Book of Azazel? For any recommended systems, how long approximately will they take? Also is it ok to smoke/drink and/or take drugs during this process. If so, how much, what kinds, and how much will it slow the process down? Also, will the exceptional psychedelics like acid or mushrooms contrarily speed up the process?

Spartan fucking discipline… run, ride a bike, do pushups, do pullups, do handstands but most importantly do this shit daily… try to find your own flow… you should check out body weight training arena (google it) and btw almost all the resources they list can be found by the the persistent pirate.
I would recommend finding a nutritional system that works for you. I’m on the ketogenic diet and feel fucking amazing because of it… but it’s kind of a maze so I would not recommend that for beginners.

If you want to work with entities for this it would be best to focus on self development(such as the the required discipline and time management) than to expect them to give you physical perfection.
This kind of shit takes work,study, and dedication. To perfect the body helps the mind release tension… I was a lot more fucked up in the head before I got stronger, and I still get a kind of nervous tension if I don’t work out often enough.

You worry too much.

I am an overweight couch potato who doesn’t bother with magickal diets or anything of the sort. I don’t stretch, I hardly work out- the physical is just… weak. Mundane.

In the astral, I am a veritable shadow- I’ve fed off of the dead and the living, spirits and shades, and now I’m moving to more exotic prey. I can send the forces of death into someone to corrupt their life from the comfort of my couch.

And I’m apparently “going feral”, whatever that means.

My physical condition has nothing to do with my astral presence. Which is apparently rather widespread. Physique, to my knowledge, has no effect on magick.

Nobody would expect somebody shaped like me to be draining them dry in the night. Call me an energy glutton if you will, but as a vampire I scoff at such disciplines that demand you need to be fit to perform magick.

Also, if becoming a vampire has made me anything in regard to food, it has made me hungrier. I do not fast, I feast.

Take it from the least likely image of a societal “bad guy”, your physical image is nothing. It is the astral image, the raw power you back, that matters. I’ve picked horse-healthy athletes clean of their energy, and left them exhausted and half dead. Who was the stronger of the two?

Physical health has a direct relationship with lifespan length. But I am too engrossed in shadow to worry about this mortal coil.

Diet: The more vegan you go the faster you’ll improve your awareness of subtle energy. It’s easier to digest hence more energy. When I went full vegan I slept only 4-5 hours a night (more time to study and do practice, etc.). These benefits occurred over a period of weeks and probably stabilized after a few months. I have used the Master Cleanse fast and Juice Fast. There is also a modified method of fasting to break yourself into it from a normal diet. One day a week do a juice fast. On the days before and after that, do not eat meat. This can then be extended to 2 days before and after, etc. I’ve also had times where I could not focus to to having way to much sensitivity and awareness, and then eating more meat can reduce the intensity.

Drugs: I cannot comment on this other than I felt my awareness diminish when I was hanging around people smoking weed, and it took at least hours sometimes days to regain full concentration abilities. I did not drink or use any other drugs so I can’t comment on them.

Exercise: Stretching, flexibility, and balance are very important. There are studies that show increase in muscle mass yields an increase in scores on intelligence tests. For me the best methods were the 5 Tibetans for increasing energy, and a small book called A Simplified Course in Hatha Yoga, by Wallace Slater for flexibility and calmness of mind. I also highly recommend doing some breathing exercise, pranayama, etc. This will also accelerate your development, and after some practice can be used to highly modify and control your mind and body in various ways, all very useful. I found the fastest results with kuji-kiri nine-cuts meditation and breath control/meditation in that regard, to awaken awareness and control of body energy centers and gain some siddhi’s.

Sound: I have not used sound frequencies so I won’t comment on that.

Social: Avoid people or situations that would lead you off of or distract you from your goals. Hang out with the most advanced people you know or can find. They don’t have to be from the same path or tradition as you. That is something that happens that is hard to explain but it will speed up your development.

There will always be better methods. More important than anything is use what you have immediately and keep going. You can improve or expand your methods along the way.

You want a perfect body? It’s going to take a lot of hard work. I know I might get some resistance to this, but personally I think it’s even harder than practicing magick. It will definitely help with your practice though, because the amount of sheer will you have to conjure up is staggering.

Yoga isn’t going to do shit for you, wrt your goals, if you’re only exercising minimally. It’s possible to build lean mass via yoga, but only certain practices. Stretching isn’t going to get you there.

Get a gym membership, go to, and pick out some exercises that pique your interest, and follow a muscle endurance protocol (12+ reps, 2-4 sets) for a few months. Get Jillian Michaels dvds and do her workouts on your non-gym days. I don’t care if your brosephs side eye you for it, that woman is a beast. You stick with her for a few months and you’ll be doing athletic things 85% of the population can’t do (assuming you live in the U.S.). Then you can focus on building some muscle mass if you want, but that has more to do with vanity then having a perfect body :wink:

Eating? I’m a little carnivore, and protein is very, very important. I stick with lots of tuna, chicken, and turkey burgers, but some lean red meat is fine too. To find out how much you need, convert your weight in pounds to kg (divide the lbs by 2.2). Typically people who work out a lot want around 1.5-2 grams of protein per kg of body weight.

So say you’re 180 pounds. That would be around 82 Kg. So starting at the lower end you’d want 123 grams of protein per day. There are 4 kcals per gram of protein, so that would end up being 492 calories of protein a day.

Lots and lots of veggies (that goes without saying) and tons and tons of WATER. Avoiding bread as much as possible is going to help a lot. Grain has evolved to included irritants in its makeup that bother our stomachs, you don’t even need a gluten intolerance to feel these effects. Grains are awesome and filling, but unfortunately our bodies just don’t handle it all that well. Cutting down on it helps your body start to heal and run itself easier.

As far as drugs, hey. I like a good trip as much as anyone, but I’ve found when I’m focusing on a cut or build phase, they are best to be avoided. Acid, mushrooms, stuff that might help in the temple generally require a recovery phase because they’re so intense, and stoners have a reputation for being lazy for a reason :stuck_out_tongue: Abstain from drugs, and cigarettes are always a no no, no matter what. Your heart and lungs need all the help they can get.

I could keep going on and on, but I’ve got to get to work soon. Feel free to PM me with any questions you might have, I’m a certified trainer so I love this kind of thing!

The healthier you are, the easier it is for energy to flow, and the less chance your body will burn out from too much. On this forum, we talk a lot about Ascent, and to me, Ascent is making everything in your life perfect, including the physical self. You have been given a lot of good advice above. I suggest you take it, AND START. Start anywhere, but start. Get on a regular routine, and stick to it. Start small. That’s it.