Making someone ugly and fat is that possible

Whatever the person does they get back equally. But it could happen instantly or it could wait until their end of life. Here’s some examples.

1: You backhand someone who didn’t deserve to be. Then immediately slip and hit you face as you leave.

2: You ruin someone’s life for your own gain. Live a great life. Then suddenly one day your wife and kids die in a house fire. You still have that money but your family is gone and it no longer matters. You may even kill yourself from depression or alcohol poisoning.

It’s just whatever has been caused by you, will come back to bite you.

Now karma caused by doing a cruel spell is worse. The rule of thumb for that is whatever you send out will come back to you times 3. So say you use magic to help a homeless man’s life turn around. You will have very very good karma some day. But say you instead send a curse to that homeless man and he gets hit by a car and dies. You will receive horrible karma.


What is the source of this information? Many people here don’t believe in Karma but I do. But my perspective on this is that karma doesn’t play a role when it comes to magick

That’s entirely incorrect. In fact, the Wiccan Rede (yes we are not all Wiccans here, including myself as I am mainly just a neodruid) states it clearly enough.

"Bide by the Wiccan Law, ye must,
In perfect love, and perfect trust.
Eight words, the Wiccan Rede fulfill;
An’ ye harm none, do what ye will.

What ye send forth, comes back to thee,
So ever mind the rule of three.
Follow this with mind and heart,
Merry ye meet, and merry ye part."

Basically. As far as karma goes. Plain old karma works where if you do something to someone you get equal in return. However. If you put a curse on someone or cause them to die due to magic, your karma will return to you 3x worse.


Nah I don’t agree with that.


I don’t know, I’ve thrown some fairly horrific curses at people over minor slights in the past, I feel nothing for it. Some people just deserve to die.

Of course, in my current path, I have grown past that due to how much energy it saps to live a life of pure hate instead of Darkness.

You are definitely right, though. Sending out curses to kill everybody who cut you off in traffic, or shorted you by $0.25 from the cash register simply isn’t worth the effort.

If I am going to level a death curse at somebody, or simply make them sick, then they’ve done something pretty bad to me to earn it.

I guess that as an occultist I’ve grown a lot from wanting to see everybody that looked at me wrong lying face down in a ditch somewhere with a knife sticking out of the back of their head. I guess you could call that to be a part of my ascent.

There are ways to eliminate that person from your life that don’t involve them meeting a tragic end, for whining up as a total social outcast. As others have suggested, call upon some of the encouraging angels, for some of the demonesses that rule over Beauty and glamour. I can name a few off the top of my head oh, but you need to do your own research.

One thing that you have to understand is that, no matter how satisfying it may be, causing undue harm to somebody simply because they pissed you off helps no one.

Of course, if you decide to go though way of Wrath, then by all means, do it to it, and have a good time doing it. Nobody here is going to tell you not to do it, just that it seems a little bit Petty.


Who made that rule? Some dirty perverted old charlatan and plagiarizing thief?

We don’t care.


Next time you ask for something like this, do yourself a favor and don’t give out more details than necessary.


Weight gain has a double interest for me (e.g. I’m slightly underweight), I suppose one way to bring this effect is Earth energy/magick.

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Ok sorry

To my experience, people who judge based on superficial issues tend to end up in the exact situation, without the need for spells. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Especially to to those who mock others for weight issues; give them a few years and they put on weight, then get the same treatment. I always chuckle.

Chances are she is insufferable in general if she can bring herself to say that to someone’s face; your friend is lucky she was so blunt; he saved himself a lot of trouble.

Not a Wiccan so this shit doesn’t apply.

The Wiccan style of ‘karma’ is really just someone kicking you from behind and then virtue-signalling on the back end to seem ‘righteous’.

I don’t go for that. Neither in Wicca nor in Christianity or any other religion. Phony righteousness is as much a plague as bullying or predation.

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Why don’t you and your friend flip your mindset?

Instead of using that type of curse to bring her down, why not flip it and use that to build your friend up?

Like Andy Frisella’s #75Hard challenge?

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i’m sorry but… really
im ok with like cursing someone who really needs to learn a specific lesson… but this is a bit childish.
i mean who hasn’t been name called before… If i had cursed everyone that has called me fat or ugly, a lot of people would be cursed right now…
that is something you just have to deal with.

And its in their full right to not want to date your friend. This is not mean… this is just them not being into him like that…

just don’t contact her again and move on… sometimes its that simple -_-
don’t try and make someone ‘ugly’ and ‘fat’ just because they hurt your feelings…
Thats life …

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many people who do believe in karma that way, are wiccan…
i don’t believe in karma like that either

I only believe in past life karma that’s it!

Yeah - it’s called marriage. Have a look around. Works on men too.



No, I used to be a good little witch myself oh, I believed in the threefold and Sevenfold rules, I know exactly how it works.

Just cuz you punch somebody in the eye doesn’t mean you’re going to get punched in the eye three times, or seven times, but down the road you may just so happen to break your leg, which is at least 7 times as bad as getting a black eye.

But, we’re starting to delve back into morality. And in my case, morality is kind of silly, if not downright detrimental to your personal rise to power.

But, OP, as far as making somebody else fat, it’s fairly simple to find a spirit that is tied to gluttony, and send that Spirit to go to work on your target. Likewise with making somebody ugly, there’s nothing that says that you can’t make a voodoo doll, and jack up that person’s face. Causing them to get into a bad car wreck that absolutely destroys their facial figures.

Whatever you decide to do, entirely up to you, I’ve said my piece.

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Please don’t get passive aggressive with me. It was me who addressed your bs rule, no one else so you can adress me. You brought up karma before anyone asked you anything. And fyi, it’s against forum rules to moralize and personal morality is irrelevant here. For example, if I was to start a thread on how to hex someone that was irritating to me online, I could do so. Would it be petty? Sure but some people just are petty. :woman_shrugging:


Hey, how about keeping it civil, won’t ya?


You were stating something as fact, moralizing and judging. I adressed your BS wiccan rede and so called rule that was invented by a dirty old charlatan named Gardner. Rede btw means advice, not rule and using the rede to explain karma, which is a very complex concept, shows you know nothing about it. You don’t have to tell me nothing and you certainly don’t have to tell me to be careful. You better not. Have a nice day. :slight_smile: