Making someone love you

I want to ask Sallos Dantalion or Beleth to make a girl love me. She is very flirtatious with just about everyone so i doubt it’ll be hard. But the guy who does my magic stuff for me is giving me some serious warnings saying he can make the pact but it will backfire.

These demons can Do a whole hell of a lot but they can’t amplify me in someone’s mind to seem more attractive than others and fall in love with me ? What do you all think ?

No judgement! Just some random thoughts that go through my head when I read your post.

Why this girl?

sounds like your going for quality here, why has she not been flirtatious with you?

This kind of magick is best done by you, not someone else.

Being attractive comes from the inside, it’s not something that can be faked. It just comes with knowing who you are, what you want and being confident.

This sounds like an excuse in case of failure which would make me question the validity of a magicians claims.


He’s covering his ass…how does he know it will backfire??? He hasn’t even given it a chance.

I’m not judging either because I’ve been there…
Are you sure you want to go through all the trouble for this girl? If she’s flirtatious with everyone, are you sure you’ll be able to handle that once you’re in an actual relationship with her?

Those sound like questions that should be answered by said demons mentioned earlier…you have the power to do your own work, put your own energy into the spell to amplify her feelings for you…would you consider doing your own work? Again though, are you sure you want to expend the energy? If so, good luck :bouquet:


I think you should use a glamor/charm spell and go talk to the girl directly (personally i would recommend invoking Azazel and/or Lilith… Belial would probably be helpful too).
Learn some pick-up artist techniques and take control of the situation.
You can’t make her love you per-say but you can project an idea of you, which she may fall in love with.


Mmmmmm thats a good answer. So i could make my familiar influence her mind to see me as far more charming than anyone else ?

Or if she already likes something about, make her LOVE it ?


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But will it last ?

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Maybe, maybe not.
That depends on the relationship fostered after you’ve won her over.

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Oh fuck not this shit again

You’re wrong. Overly friendly girls give fake IOIs. That type is actually harder to get through to if you have no skill at talking to women, because they put on a front that you neither recognize nor understand how to break through.

He’s right for 2 reasons: 1. He’s an amateur at magick; and 2. You have no Game. You’re basically bringing a butterknife to a gun fight.

Do yourself a favor: justify the magick you’re trying to run by learning Game. Then use a ritual that actually fucking works. I’ve put a few on here, as have quite a few other posters on this board. Use the Search button and you’ll find them.


You mean that, right? I had to look it up lol

This is what i meant.

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Thats beyond hilarious because Duke Dantalion told me she is only nice to see what she can gain from men. Wow

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I didn’t wanna believe it because I dont know how good i speak with demons but wow. I believe everything they say now. Wow just wow.

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Seeing as how you are seeing signs and kind of getting confirmation of what you’ve been told…what are your intentions now?

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it’s best to use magick to make yourself more attractive. Why chase after one girl when you can get multiple girls to chase you?


Dave nailed it.


Sticky this.

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I can’t believe some of the people in this thread, lol. I agree completely that working on making yourself attractive is better than pigeon-holing one person towards you, but his warnings of “backfiring” are not just a sign he’s a “bad magic worker”, in my opinion.

Love is fickle and testy. One day you want someone to love you, the next they are obsessed with you and you are genuinely frightened. It’s a “Careful What You Wish For” kind of thing. This isn’t reflective of someone being bad at manifesting their desires, we just sometimes bring in things we don’t need.

There are boat loads of posts on this forum of people expressing discomfort at the kind of love they felt after preforming love spells. In my honest opinion, I don’t think any amount of skill can prevent this. But a skilled magic worker would likely be able to amend the situation with little issue after it arose. It’s still full disclosure with the OP about potential consequences of their actions. It’s not moralizing or sign of weakness, it’s acknowledging that there are consequences for things you do that you may not realize in the moment.

I’m going with what zohak said

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Why not both ?