Making reusable sigils

Hello all - just wondering about making demonic sigils that can be reused in rituals throughout ones life.

I’ve seen a lady here makes them from metal wire. I’m thinking os sometjing simpler, maybe white drinks coaster size things I can paint the sigil on, and on the back write the Enn and some general info on each entity.

I feel that making these, opening them, and reusing them would add power to workings. Maintaining that connection via the item. Certainly nicer than scraps of paper.

Thoughts/ suggestions welcome.


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What’s wrong with reusing them from a good parchment paper? Pretty durable. I just use two weight plates A bigger one and smaller for the name and seal inside and a sharpie. But I agree the more care an attention to detail the more energy you put into it the better

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Foil, and polymer clay that you bake in the oven, good Luciferian fun for all the family!

I can see it now - the RONCO Sigil-o-Matic…

Playdoh - Goetic edition.


I’m planning to.use these things for the next 50 years though, I’m not sure they’d last that long. hmmmm


I’ve heard a little about the foil technicque. Need to research further. I really like black on white for the contrast though.

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Get thee a Dremmel, a load of cat and dog name tag thingies made out of metal and practise engraving.

Use some sticky paper or tracing paper first and then transfer to metal, using a scriver get the basic outline and off you go.

By about the seventy second sigil it’ll look ok, and you’ll stop bleeding.

Alternatively ask your local engraver to make you one from a blank, if he or she asks, say it’s for your pet tarantula (he’s big) and has an unusual name. Pretty soon the engraver will just do as he’s told and stop asking questions, plus they can often engrave from an image or photo.


I understand the importance of expelling energy for production- however a monetary sacrifice if you will- is I don’t know the words- anyways If longevity is a concern Luciferian Apotheca sells porcelain sigils for all 72 goetic’s. Also offers some different options as well and I think her you tube channel has some uploads on creating your own clay casts


I’m in the UK so shipping costs / customs charges are an issue, thanks for the link

EA had the sigils of the Gatkeepers burned into wooden disks so that might be something to look into for sigil longevity. All it would take is a basic wood burning tool and some flat disks and they would last forever.


Carving or burning into wood is a good option, clay tablets work well, and if you get a few extra bucks, engraving them into an obsidian mirror can come out just beautiful. Some I like to paint on a canvas. Really anything you can consecrate of a more or less permanent nature will work just fine.