Making physical changes. A journey in alchemy

When you think about it, alchemy is a lot of things, but transmuting the mind and the world around you is something everyone has to do on this path.

Yberion taught me tummo breath, or something like that. Burning. I see that my power to do this has gotten stronger since I last tried it. But why?

My only theories are that I’m breaking the illusion of my thoughts or I know how to change the world around me more accurately, as one would a dream.

How do I make this stronger? Change the illusion. Which reminds me of a certain exercise.

Sitting within the black sun, we trick our minds into thinking we’re invincible because we survive in such a hostile environment. I think that Koetting saying this was a trick. See, this wouldn’t work unless he said this. He tricked our minds into making us think we can trick our minds like this. Once you realize this, you can trick your own mind.

I will be making my arms as ice. The more cold they get, the more my mind is “tricked” into thinking it can make it colder, which makes it colder, making a feedback loop of growth.

This has worked to far, the cold vapors touching my lips. An exercise that only grows in effectiveness across the minutes. This is one of my first experiments in practicing moving my life as a dream. The more results I get, the more I “trick” my mind into thinking I can do it even better.

This is going to be a thread where I post similar experiements. Feel free to follow along with me and post your results.


You can allow what your mind is allowed to be “tricked” into to amplify it, and disallow what you would not like. For instance, if you aren’t getting immediate results, say “My mind cannot be tricked into thinking it is incapable” and feel it being made so.


As I’m doing this exercise I’m starting to realize a few things about it. Never Forget the intent, I want you to feel the changes within your mind as you do this. This is important, as it’s a part of the process

Once you’re confident enough in your abilities to do this, so after 30 minutes or so, clasp your hands together tightly so that no air from the outer area may enter in. The area in between your hands must be warm. Use the ability you developed so far to turn the warm air inside of the hand coldtake your time. Do this until you notice a big difference.

Here’s my reasoning. It was very warm before, but now it is very cold. Logically, with if you couldn’t do this freezing of your flesh and the air around it, you wouldn’t be able to change the temperature inside of the space in your hands to be colder than it was. It can’t be the breeze around you. Come to the conclusion that this is because you most certainly do have this ability, and feel the major change with in your brain when you realize this. This will definitely put you on a good track.


I’m trying to manipulate my flesh. I want to look attractive, at the end, but I need to also progress.

Yberion offered the idea that I make my hair grow. My brain hurts. Today I had to deal with harder emotions, it’s almost like I went faster than the opportunities coming my way and now I feel stuck, even though I’m not.

I guess it’s all apart of the process. I’m tired. Dunno what to do now.

I’ll just rest in bliss, for now. That’s nice.


I hope my work helps someone.


The word is something we regard with utmost power. The source of all being simply sat, spoke a word, and everything was.

The word did not take years to perfect to work up to this point. It was not a harrowing task that made this source doubt their own power. In fact, no effort at all was used to speak this word. It was merely a word. Recognized then sprung into being.

The word is us. We must vibrate the word, if only for a second, in a state of ease and allowance. When asked how long you expect it to take, simply drop your shoulders that have since tensed up. The word was all, and we hold the word.

You have this word, you are it, and you reverberate from it. Please sit down and visualize what you desire, for only the moment needed to get it’s vibration. Take it, overlay it with your being and simply let it pulse out to everything.

This was the whole process. Stress and strain wouldn’t help it, and to grow is to get used to the process and progress into it.

You are the word. Don’t step outside of it. Be the word, live life as the word, and the word you will be.


this is euphoria.


My most powerful manifestations are fueled with absolute ease and quietness. I don’t know how to explain it, or why. Like the Greybeards that choose silence as a means to strengthen their voice, but not as a lifestyle, but in the moment.

When you’re in the moment, everything you feel at this moment affects the result. Everything. So, if I speak with sureness, then it will be.

But there’s so much more to it. Maybe so. But when I speak it enough for it to be heard, vibrate it enough as an energy, and spread it across the universe, it almost seems casual. No yelling, no tightening my muscles, just allowing and proceeding. Why is this? That I can be so casual and exercise so much power?

I only hope that @Yberion could shed some light on this.


Thank you for your help its help me


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Letse discus weight loss. There have been many times in the past I have charged drinking water or my own blood with the intent to boost my metabolism to some freakish extent, make it difficult to gain weight, etc.

These work well. Lately I’ve been able to pick up the vibration of a manifestation and impose it on something enough to the point where it is enveloped in and comprised of it. It’s literally a vibration. It has its own feeling. I even noticed that as I speak my words sort of combine to make a certain vibration. Every combination of words and ideas has a certain vibration. It doesn’t make much sense to me just yet, but it comes into a result.

Anyways, these work instantly. I swear, I immediately start feeling hungry and the effects just kick in. The thing is, this is probably one of my better forms of manifestation. And if I can change my body this easily, I wonder how it will be if I give it the same attention I gave the ice.

so the question is, do I subject myself to a powerful version of this vibration? Do I subject myself to it over a long period of time? What even indicates the power of this? I don’t know, but I do know that this will be interesting in helping me figure this out.

For one big punch, I’ve decided to alter my vibration to this standpoint powerfully once every 20 minutes or so. Or rather, push it further every 20 minutes. I feel intuitively this will not work as well as my next idea

This idea is that I make a sort of space where this vibration is constantly imposed upon me. It would become more powerful the more I stay in this space, and I would not need to pay attention to it. For some reason I feel like this is a good place to go for now, although not the most powerful option


Sorry about the weird pacing and structure, I’m using speech to text


I made deal with Belial to stop my facial hair growth, specifically and onyl that. It bothers me a lot, and I don’t like being cut. He didn’t put a huge price on it. So far, I’ve noticed some stubble grow but hardly any. We’ll see.

More notably, I permanently altered my energetic and mental systems so I could have a permanent state of “love” and “happiness”. It’s working nicely so far, and it makes life much easier so far. I’m liking it, it was rather easy too.

It was nice. It’s nice.


I’m absolutely loving this thread max. Scientific study of magick needs to be done and I’m happy you are doing this.




Obviously excusing my lagged eye muscle, and my messy hair, you can see the results I’ve reached so far

My results are looking well, at least for myself.

Only problem is, still can’t take a picture. It’s all so dependant on perfection. In any case, this looks a lot better irl when everything is consistent and symmetry of clothing and eyes aren’t an issue

In any case, lately I’ve seen a lot more interesting things in terms of PK abilities. I feel it.

It’s the strength of my power against my own mental barrier, I try to move a scrap of paper and I can feel my mental walls crushing down on me. Anxiety is a common feeling I get when doing this.

I know I can. It’s just not so… easy. Yeah.