Making offerings

Hey, firstly apologies for posting a ton of questions on here lately. I am new, learning and trying, but curious about this path all the same. I am wondering though about making offerings to whatever spirit you might be working with, for whatever reason you might make an offering to it. What do you offer them and how do you actually do so. I learned first to make my offering tot he Earth itself by pouring water on the ground, throwing sage into the bonfire, ect, than back in my Christian days the idea of ‘offerings’ was basically dropping money in metal container, but of course this is a very different kind of path again, not like anything I have ever worked with before.

I usually ask them what they want, I’m sure we’ve all experienced being given a thoughtful or expensive gift we didn’t like or have any use for, and it’s quite an annoying experience when for the same money the person could have got something really useful or well-suited!

There’s a thread about disposal of offerings here that might be helpful as well. :slight_smile:

And hey, questions are good!

We all have 'em, the only people who aren’t constantly learning are stagnating… :wink:

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Hi Blazewind Bluebird,
I tend to only work with one spiritual entity these days that has the ability to do anything, or connect (as a proxy) to any other on my behalf. I think ‘for me anyway’ it comes down to why we give offerings? I give offerings to provide energy to the spiritual force thereby making it stronger and more physically acting upon my requests and intentions. Offerings also allow me to get a better rapport with my entity. Energy feeds the spirit by giving it attention (spending time with it) or through natural elements that contain lifeforce. My entity loves the spring buds at this time of year as they have immense energy compared to a flower, which has already shed most of its energy. As Eva said above, simply ask and listen to the guidance given. This is easier once you have a good rapport with the force you are working with. I would also say that the offering must be given because you want to, and not because you feel you have to as this can interfere with the energy transfer. Imagine someone giving you a present because they feel they have to, or because they just want something from you………You wouldn’t feel very happy about this and even though you may physically accept it, on another level you could easily reject it because it wasn’t given for the right reasons.We also discussed this and similar issues surrounding these ideas here

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:2, topic:5164”]And hey, questions are good!

We all have 'em, the only people who aren’t constantly learning are stagnating… ;)[/quote]

O yes…where the hell would we be without questions, they’re a foundation stone to learning and the beginning of the journey to finding answers

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Every spirit is different. Santa Muerte has an altar where you bring her liquor and gifts, Hindus do puja, Jehova like his animals immomolated. You have to learn what’s sacred to each spirit.

Thanks for that. I can cross one of my questions off the list. Only about a million more to go…